BizLaunch: Answers to common and frequently asked questions about BizLaunch.

BizLaunch FAQs

What is BizLaunch?
BizLaunch is boutique design service for startups, entrepreneurs and small business for a fixed monthly fee. It's designed to allow you to conserve your startup working capital for more pressing needs, while providing a high level custom design, website and tools you need to run your business.
How long does it take?
Allow 2 weeks to complete your designs and launch your website. 
I already have a logo, can I use it?
Yes, you can. Just provide the existing logo and we will review and make recommendations to improving it where necessary, and packaging it's brand kit fully.
What is a brand kit?
A brand kit is a set of design files and style documentation guiding how your brand can be used and incorporated in new media design compositions. It is the primary tool for brand management, allowing you to work efficiently with creative teams to assure proper brand handling.
I already have a domain name, can I use it?
Yes, you can. Just specify the domain name you already own on the order form and we will use it to setup your website and email services.
How many prints of business cards, letterhead and envelopes included?
None, BizLaunch subscription does not include printing costs for your media. We provide the custom designs and print packages for your media. You can use any printer you like to order prints and reprints anytime.
I already have a website, can I use BizLaunch to redesign it?
Yes, but you will need to move to our website platform as we do not support third-party website systems.
How many email accounts are included?
Unlimited, you can create as many email accounts or mailboxes, and mailing lists as you need. There is no limit.
How big a mailinglist can I mail to?
Unlimited, there is no artificial limit on how many people you can email marketing to.
How much data storage is included for website and email?
BizLaunch provides 20GB of data storage for website and email. You can buy additional data storage at $1 per GB.
Once launched, can I maintain my website content myself?
Yes, you can using our easy to use, drag and drop Monkey Business Editor
How many pages can I have on my website?
There is no limit, you can create as many pages as you need.
Is my website and data secure?
Yes, we provide a free SHA-256 RSA encryption certificate to secure data exchange and communications on the website. This is critical for online store and payment processing.
Is my website and email ad free?
Yes, we are 100% ad free. Your website and emails are completely secure.
What payment processors do you support?
We are always working to support new processors, but currently support the following major payment processors:
How many products can I sell in my online store?
Unlimited, there is no limit. You can sell as many products as you have at no additional cost.
Are there any payment processor fees?
No, BizLaunch subscription does not include payment processor fees. The discount rate you pay for payment processing is between you and your chosen payment processor.
What happens after I ordered?
We will contact you within 24 hrs to get you started on executing this BizLaunch project plan.
Is it really risk-free?
Yes, we take pride in our work, so you can cancel anytime you want.

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