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Domain Names FAQs

How do I add privacy to my domain names.
Your domain names can be found on My Domain Names. You will find an option to Add Privacy to your domain names there.
How do I change DNS settings for my domain names?
Your domain names can be found on My Domain Names. You will find a link to the DNS Manager there, which is where you can view and modify DNS settings for your domain names.
How do I renew my domain names?
Your domain names can be found on My Domain Names. You will find the option to renew on this page.
How do I transfer my domain name from GODADDY to AJIBOYE.
You can purchase domain name transfers on this page:
Transferring a domain name can be completed in minutes if you know the right steps and you have access to all the information you need. Buying the domain transfers is just one of these steps, so do not just purchase the domain name transfers and NOT complete the other steps required.
FYI, here are the steps.
Step 1. UNLOCK your domain names and retrieve your security keys
Go to GODADDY, log into your domain names manager, and unlock each of the domain names you want to transfer, and also make sure you request the security key for each of the domain name. The security key will be sent to your email address. You need the keys to complete the transfer.
Step 2. PURCHASE your domain name transfers
Go to our domain name transfer page, provided above, and purchase the domain name transfers. This step merely starts our fulfillment systems to kick in trying to complete the transfers. A number of emails will be sent to you, and you need to receive and respond to them. If you don't, the transfer requests will be cancelled.
Step 3. Complete the transfers AUTHORIZATION on AJIBOYE
On AJIBOYE, you can access your DNS Manager from your Domain Names Manager page @ At the top of this page, there is a link to the DNS manager, and your login and password is printed next to it.
Once in the DNS Manager (also called DOMAIN MANAGER),
a) select Domains from the top menu area, which will give you a drop down list, and then
b) select Pending Transfers from the menu, which will now show you all the domain names that you have requested to be transfered to us. If all the domains you paid for is not listed, just give it a few minutes, and they will show up.
Now, you have to AUTHORIZE each of the domains.
a) Check your email to make sure you receive information you will need to complete the transfer. For each domain name you will need transfer authorization keys and your security keys. Each is provided in a seperate email.
b) Select each domain name  ( i.e. check the check box next to each domain name) 
c) Put your mouse over the AUTHORIZATION button at the top right hand corner of the page; this will display a drop down menu; and then
d) Select Begin Transfer Authorization from the menu. Just follow the prompt to make sure you provide all the information requested.
Step 4. Complete the transfers APROVAL on GODADDY
On GODADDY, access your DNS Manager,  and navigate to their Pending Transfers page.
You will see a list of our the domain names you are attempting to transfer away from them. Again, if you don't see everything, give it a few minutes and they will show up there.
Now, you have to APPROVE the transfer for each of the domains.
a) Select each domain name  ( i.e. check the check box next to each domain name) 
b) Click on the ACCEPT / DECLINE icon on the page
c) Make sure you select ACCEPT and save.
That's it. Your domain names will be transfered over to AJIBOYE.
How do I transfer my domain name to another account?
 Step 1) First log into your AJIBOYE DOMAIN NAME MANAGER and UNLOCK your domain name. By default domain names are LOCKED to prevent unauthorized transfers and loss. Domain name transfers will automatically fail for a LOCKED domain.
Step 2) Next, retrieve your domain name AUTHORIZATION CODE. The code is required to complete domain name transfers. You will need to provide the code to the new OWNER so they can successfully complete the transfer steps on their end. To retreive your domain name authorization code, in your DOMAIN NAME MANAGER, click on the domain name you want to transfer; this will give you more management options. Look for the AUTHORIZATION CODE and next to it will be a SEND BY EMAIL link. Click on this link and an email will be sent to you containing the authorization code. You can then forward that email to the NEW OWNER so they have it ready for step 3 below.
Step 3) The NEW OWNER starts the transfer process by registering the domain name with whatever registrar they want. During this process, they will be told that the domain name is unavailable for a NEW registration since it is already owned by you. So they will choose to a TRANSFER registration instead. This will cost them just about the same price as a NEW registration, and they can complete the process. Just like any registration, they get another 1 YEAR extension on the domain name registration i.e. if a domain name is currently set to expire in Febuary 2011 and it is transfered to another person, the domain name will now get another 1 year upon successful transfer, and will now expire in February 2012.
During this step, if the NEW OWNER wants to also continue to use AJIBOYE as the domain registrar, they can purchase the domain name TRANSFER registration on our domain name registration page ( i.e. ) but it is very important that they DO NOT USE the same AJIBOYE account that currently owns the domain name you are trying to transfer. The NEW OWNER must setup a new AJIBOYE account with a different login email and password.
Once this step is done, the new REGISTRAR will send an email notice to the NEW OWNER requesting that they authorize the transfer request. The email will contain 2 security codes and a link to THEIR OWN DOMAIN NAME MANAGER where they can complete the transfer authorization. To complete the authorization, they will need those 2 security codes IN ADDITION to the DOMAIN NAME SECURITY CODE you will have provided them in STEP 2 above.
Step 4) Once the NEW OWNER completes the transfer authorization in step 3, the CURRENT OWNER ( i.e. YOU ) will receive an email requesting you to APPROVE the TRANSFER. At this point, you will log into YOUR DOMAIN NAME MANAGER and go to the PENDING TRANSFERS section. Here you will see that they domain name is already listed and you will then select it and click on the ACCEPT/DECLINE option. Please CHECK THIS OPTIONS CAREFULLY TO MAKE SURE YOU APPROVE THE REQUEST. IF YOU DECLINE THE REQUEST, the new owner will need to re-initiate the transfer request again, which takes longer and make things more confusing for everyone.
Once you've succesfully approve a transfer request, you are done. The domain name will be removed from your account and the NEW OWNER will see it listed on their end, in their DOMAIN NAME MANAGER.
Please note that due to the security checks and balances enforced by these steps, and they fact that you have to coordinate the actions with the NEW OWNER, a domain name transfer can take anywhere from a few minutes if you are both working together at the same time, to a few days ( i.e. about 14 days ) if you are not. 
Where are my domain names?
Your domain names can be found on My Domain Names

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