JobTrack: Answers to common and frequently asked questions about JobTrack.

JobTrack FAQs

What is JobTrack?
JobTrack is our task ( i.e. Job ) management, tracking and reporting application. Anything and everything we do goes through JobTrack. You want something done, create a task for it in JobTrack. That's all there is to it. Use our free project planning worksheet to get an idea how many hours you need to buy for what you need to get done.
How does it work?
Our JobTrack workflow is simple.
  1. Anytime you need our help with something, you simply create a task, providing as much detail as you have. Use our free project planning worksheet to get an idea how many hours you need to buy for what you need to get done.
  2. We review the task and provide the estimate hours it will take to get it done.
  3. You receive an email with the estimate, and links to approve or decline the work order.
  4. If you approve the task, we complete the task. You receive email updates as we do. When the work is completed, we close out the task and the task is billed to your project; paid for by with the prepaid hours you have purchased for your project. You simply make sure you have purchased enough support hours to cover all the tasks you create for us to complete for you.
How long does it take to receive an estimate?
It depends on the complexity of the task. However, on average, you will receive an estimates within 3 hrs. However, our estimates will mostly reflect the information we already have publicly available on our product pages. We recommend that you always use our free project planning worksheet to get an idea how many hours you need to buy for what you need to get done.
So how much do I pay per hour for support?
Our priority support hourly rate is $ 50/hr. This is our most expensive rate. Depending on your needs, you can purchase support hours using any of our support plans, which offer 20%-60% discount, so you can pay as little as $ 20/hr. 
When am I billed for completed Tasks?
We bill weekly on the 1st, 8th, 15th and 21st of every month. All completed tasks for the week are billed on these days. If you have purchased prepaid priority support hours for your project, those are used to pay for the completed tasks. If you don't the completed tasks are billed to your available payment methods ( i.e. funds in your Payment Wallet, Credit Card, eCheck ). Please review our Terms of Service for more information.
What is the Support Ledger?
JobTrack is great, but it's a future-looking app... meaning, it's only concerned about Tasks you have to do now and in the future. Records of tasks disappear from JobTrack as soon as they are completed and billed. Keeping track of the support hours you purchased, used and remaining can be quite challenging, especially if you are using a mix of our support plans to get the best possible rates. This is why we have the Support Ledger.
The Support Ledger is provides comprehensive, historical record of your support consumption for each project. You will find it in the Support section of the My Projects page, under Tools. Click on it to review all the support plan purchases ( i.e. credits ), usage ( i.e. debits ), and total hours remaining and available for pending Tasks. 
What is the Credit Limit?
When you create tasks for us to complete for you, we review the details of what you need to do and provide the estimated number of hours it will take to get it done. You receive an email with this estimate, and can then approve or decline the work order.
Should you approve the task, we go on to complete it, and we expect you should preemptively buy the required support time to pay for the work that you have approved. Buying time ahead of billing is PREPAID SUPPORT.
If you do not have any PREPAID HOURS available in your project to cover newly completed tasks, when billing occurs, payment is drawn to cover the new bill from your available payment methods on file. This is POSTPAY SUPPORT.
How much POSTPAY SUPPORT we can provide to a project is determined by the Project's CREDIT LIMIT, which is an amount that is automatically calculated by our system every month, based on a number of signals, including the projects payment history with us, the average days past due before bills are paid, and so on.
As a rule of thumb, if your project has a credit limit of $ 1000, you can provide at most 20 hrs of POSTPAY SUPPORT ( billed @ $ 50/hr ) to you.
If your project's credit limit is insufficient, you can only use PREPAID SUPPORT, which means that you have to purchase the time you need to pay for work you authorize us to do for you, ahead of our completing the work. In that case, you will not be able to create new tasks until you have purchased some prepaid support hours for your project.
Your Project's Credit Limit is printed on the Project Dashboard ( My Projects ), in the Support section.
What are Support Consumption Limits?
You may need your in-house team to interface directly with our team working on your project, meaning, anyone of your in-house team members can create tasks and ask our team for support. In a case like this, it is very easy for you to exhaust all your prepaid support hours on lower-priority tasks originated by various team members.
The Support Consumption Limits provides a first line of defense and control for you, and help you create the right support experience you need from us for your business. There are 2 individual limit controls. You can specify a Per Task limit and a Per Project limit. In either case, estimates we provide that exceed any of these limits will require your approval for us to complete the work. If the estimated time to complete a task do not exceed any of these limits, then Tasks are automatically approved and we will complete the work immediately.
You can access and modify your Support Consumption Limits on My Projects, in the Support section under Support Consumption Limits.
How do I authorize members of my in-house team to be able to request support and create new tasks?
Authorizing members of your in-house team means that these members can request support and create tasks for your project. If you plan to do this, you should consider setting up reasonable Support Consumption Limits, to control the utility of your prepaid support hours.
On My Projects, go to the Team section, and complete the Client Authorized Managers information, providing the names, positions, emails and contact information for your Team members that may call our team or Helpdesk for support with anything regarding your project or website. 

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