Monkey Business Management System: Answers to common and frequently asked questions about Monkey Business Management System.

Monkey Business Management System FAQs

What is Monkey Business?
Monkey Business is a complete business management system for modern businesses.
What is a business management system?
It's software you use to run your business.
What can Monkey Business do for me?
Monkey Business simply provides everything you need to build your business, market it, take orders and run it, every single day.
What solutions does Monkey Business have?
Monkey Business provides over 40 solutions for your business, including a truly custom website, unlimited email, email marketing, blogs, online store, billing and much more.
How much does it cost?
Monkey Business is only $ 29.95 per month.
Does each app cost $ 29.95?
No. All the apps are included in Monkey Business.
How long does it take to get setup?
Setup is a snap. Setup and access your Monkey Business in 95 seconds.
How about upgrades?
We are always improving Monkey Business, to fix bugs, improve security, improve performance, and add new features. We regularly release upgrades. Upgrading is mostly optional, except when upgrades are security related, and may be required. When required, all websites are automatically upgraded to the latest version. When optional, you can upgrade your website to the latest version of Monkey Business if you wish.
Are upgrades free?
No. How much you pay for upgrades depending on how old your website is relative to the latest release version of Monkey Business you are upgrading to.

We have 3 types of upgrades. 
  • MAINTENANCE UPGRADES ( going from version X.Y.01 -> X.Y.99 ) are FREE.
  • MINOR UPGRADES ( going from version X.01.Z -> X.99.Z ) cost $ 25.
  • MAJOR UPGRADES ( going from version 01.Y.Z -> 99.Y.Z ) cost $ 50.
How long does it take to upgrade?
Upgrades usually takes about 5-10 minutes to complete. However, it may take longer depending on the size of the website.
Do I need to shut down my website while upgrading?
No. Upgrades do not interfere with using your website in any way, and you do not need to take any action prior to upgrading.
How about website design?
The easiest way to get a custom design is to find a premade design style from our custom design theme gallery. Quickly find the design look and style you want for your Monkey Business website. All our themes are responsive, mobile-friendly, and easily customizable. Once purchased and installed, you can quickly activate and customize the colors and fonts to match your logo in minutes. For more, review the Monkey Business User Guide.
Can I create my own custom design from scratch?
Yes. For more information, consult the Monkey Business Theme Design Manual.
Can I sell my custom designs in the Themes Marketplace?
Absolutely. We make it super easy for anyone to create high quality professional themes quickly for Monkey Business. Learn more about our Design Partner Program.
Can I customize the behaviour of Monkey Business?
Monkey Business is extremely flexible with 1500+ configurable options, and 100+ email templates. All these are set to reasonable defaults so they will work fine without modification on your part, but as your needs and requirements changes, you have a lot of options to get what you need done.
How do I get custom or new features built?
You have 3 options:
  1. Pay us to build the feature for you
  2. Ask us to build the feature for free
  3. Build it yourself 
Pay us to build the feature for you
Create a project plan, and buy it for your project, and we will build the feature fast for you. Now sure how many development hours to buy for the project? Complete the custom application development form to get answers you need to plan, buy and execute the project

Ask us to build the feature for free
Submit a missing feature request, and we will add the feature to Monkey Business development roadmap.

Build it yourself
Monkey Business is opensource, so you can build new applications yourself.

Can I upload my existing client and product database?
Yes. You can import existing data into Monkey Business, including customer and product information.
What payment processors are supported?
We currently support, Paypal, Payflow ( formerly Cybercash ), 2Checkout, eProcessing Network, Cybersource, Intuit, Linkpoint, Verisign, CCBill. If you want to use a provider not on this list, contact us here.
I have an existing website. Can I use Monkey Business to edit it?
No. You will need to setup Monkey Business and then move your existing website content to it. Review the Monkey Business User Guide for more information.
I have a server. Can I install Monkey Business on it?
Can i use my custom domain name on my site during the 14 day trial period?
Yes, you can use your custom domain name registered with any registrar. You do NOT need to transfer the name to us to do this, you just need to modify the DNS records appropriately

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