My Project Information: Answers to common and frequently asked questions about My Project Information.

My Project Information FAQs

What is convert to paid account?
If your project or website is a free trial, and you want to keep it, then you must convert it to a paid account. To do so, on My Projects, simply click on the option Convert to Paid Account.
What is the Project Primary Address?
On My Projects, the Primary Address is the unique web address ( URL ) for your project or website. This is the address you provided when you created the project. If you have correctly setup the DNS for it, you should be able to use it to go directly to your website.
What is the Project Secondary Address?
On My Projects, the Secondary Address is another unique web address ( URL ) we provide for your project or website, just in case your Primary Address is not is not properly setup. You will always be able to use it to go directly to your website.
What is the Project Default Login & Password?
On My Projects, use the Default Login & Password to log into your newly setup website. This is the only administrative account available on your newly setup website. Always remember to change your password as soon as you log in to secure it.
How do I setup domain name DNS?
On My Projects, go to the DNS & Hosting section to view the current DNS settings for your domain name. If you have not purchased the domain name, you will see an option to do so. To setup the domain name to work with your website fast, simply click the DNS option under Administration. For more information, please review how to setup DNS for domain names in the Monkey Business User Guide.
What is Monkey Business?
Monkey Business is the software powering your project or website. It's a business management system; one solution with all the features you need to build and run your business, for one low monthly price. Learn all about it.
What is Monkey Business Upgrade?
Every so often, we release new versions of Monkey Business as an upgrade. On My Projects, if your project or website is running an older version of Monkey Business than the latest version available, you will see information about the new version and an option to Upgrade. Upgrading takes just a few minutes, and you can continue to use your website while upgrading. For more information, check out the Monkey Business Upgrades.
How do I learn to use Monkey Business?
How do I reinstall my website?
If you need to start afresh with your website, you can easily wipe the slate clean, and install a fresh copy of Monkey Business. To do that, on My Projects, in the DNS & Hosting section, select the REINSTALL option under Administration
What is the IP address of my website?
On My Projects, go to the DNS & Hosting section to view the IP address for your website.
How safe is my website? What about backups?
We provide free automatic backup. Databases are backed-up daily, and web and email email data is backed-up weekly. We keep 3 months records of backup data so you can go back in time and recover lost data.

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