Technical Support: Answers to common and frequently asked questions about Technical Support.

Technical Support FAQs

How much do you charge for support?
Our standard PRIORITY support is billed at $ 62.50 per hour, and we offer support plans designed to save you up 44%.
We log time in 15 minute increments. For more details, please review our terms of service and available support options.
Why do I need to create an account to receive support?
Creating an account with us sets up a project for you in our project management system. The project profile is required to log our support activity and details so you can be serviced more efficiently.
Once I sign up, how do I request support?
Go to your project management dashboard or JobTrack and create a task. Watch these videos to learn everything you need to know about your AJIBOYE account, our Agency Support and using JobTrack.
How long does it take to complete a support request?
Each support request is different, so the process for completing each may be varies, depending heavily on your current setup, access to required information and your own readiness.
Your project manager will fully advise you on an estimated amount of time it would take to complete your request before the work is completed.
Our cost control tools are further designed to allow you to customize our process to your needs. You may for example require an approval on all tasks before completion.
When do I pay for the support provided?
Postpay Priority 
This is our standard support option, billed at $ 62.50 per hour, logged in 15 minute minimum increments. PRIORITY means your requests are completed IMMEDIATELY. POSTPAY means your work is completed, and then you are billed weekly. You only receive an invoice if you have requested support that is completed during the immediate weekly support billing cycle.
Prepaid Priority Buy priority support hours you need ahead, and you can save up to 10% off our standard rate. Billing works exactly the same as our postpay priority support, except this time, the hours that you have purchase against your project is used to pay for the support time that you consumed during the immediate billing cycle. Prepaid priority support hours do not expire. If you do not use them, they are always there when you need it.
OMS PlansBuy non-priority support hours you need ahead, and you save 60% off our standard rate. You are billed monthly for the duration that your project is enrolled in the program. You are billed on the same day of the month in which you enrolled. Unlike Prepaid priority support hours, OMS Plan hours expires if not used. You are responsible for creating and approving tasks to assure prompt and complete use of your reserved support block.
AS PlansOur complete concierge service designed to save you time, while assuring that you achieve your goals. When you do not have room to experiment with your IT budget, our agency solution will get you results and save you money. You are billed monthly for the duration your project is enrolled in the program. You are billed on the same day of the month in which you enrolled. Like the OMS Plans, AS Plan hours expires if not used. We are responsible for creating and executing tasks.

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