Website Operations Management Service (OMS): Answers to common and frequently asked questions about Website Operations Management Service (OMS).

Website Operations Management Service (OMS) FAQs

What is it?
The OMS plan is an agency support plan, designed to help you do get more done for less money.
Designed for experienced managers that
1) know exactly what they need done, have prepared required technical documentation, and know how much time to allocate to getting it done, and
2) have low priority tasks that can be flexibly scheduled and executed within the current month. If you need to complete an URGENT HIGH PRIORITY Task, use the PRIORITY Support Option.
With the OMS Plan, you get more done with your IT budget since you don't need hand-holding and/or educating.
How it works?
Sign up for a OMS Plan that is within your budget. Our lowest term is 10 support hr limit for 3 months.

Every month you provide a list of initiatives you like to get done directly into our JobTrack.

We schedule those tasks for development, implementation and execution.

Unlike priority support, we have more flexibility scheduling execution of tasks completing over the active month period, but ultimately all tasks get completed within the active month.
How is it different from priority support?
The only difference is when tasks get completed.

With priority support, tasks are completed on an ASAP policy, so priority support is used for tasks that you need completed usually with a level of immediacy or urgency. In that sense, it's a reactive, issues resolution option for you. 
The OMS Plan on the other hand is a proactive option, suitable for completion of planned initiatives, such as new feature development or marketing and programs management. You cannot use it for reactive issues resolution; in that case, those support issues will be billed using priority support options.
How am I billed for the service?
You are billed for the service automatically every month on the same day you enrolled in the service.
How do the support hours work?
If you sign up for a 10 hour support plan for 3 month term, every month for the duration of your term, 10 hours is added automatically to your project's OMS hours balance. 

As with PRIORITY process, these hours are available for tasks that we complete for the project.

Unlike PRIORITY hours, UNUSED OMS hours EXPIRES every month.
How much can I save using this program?
The OMS Plan is  $ 35 per hour, a 44% discount compared to the $ 62.50 per hour rate for standard PRIORITY support.
What happens use more time than I have in my plan?
In OMS, we have more flexibility in avoiding completing tasks that will put you over your budget since we can advice on scheduling completing of parts of tasks for the next month. 
However, when overages happen, you will be billed for the excess hours at our priority support rate.

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