Howto: Offline Marketing Get step by step instructions on marketing offline for AJIBOYE. Step by step information for getting the most out of your Affiliate partnership with AJIBOYE.

Howto: Offline Marketing

Published on Sat, Sep 22 2012 by Adebola Ajiboye
If your audience is offline, for example professional associations, events or consultancy, you can still promote and earn income.
We make word-of-mouth marketing, direct B2B  and enterprise sales, easy and efficient.
How it works
Know your products, then decide what you want to market!
We offer quality web agency solutions businesses everywhere need: Make sure you know your products, and market what you like and know your audience will too.
Tell your audience to check us out; offer your 5% discount code
Offer your audience your Partner ID 5% discount code incentive to encourage your audience check out our solutions and pricing. Customers can quote & buy ALL our products/solutions at
Create & Email Quotes in minutes!
For customers that request a quote for a solution, use the Project Plan Worksheet to quickly Create & Email comprehensive, professional and high-performing quotes in minutes.
Your audience makes a purchase.
When one of your audience makes a purchase, you earn a lot.


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