Your Partner Portals Jump-start your online marketing by linking directly to your partner portals for sales and recruiting. Step by step information for getting the most out of your Affiliate partnership with AJIBOYE.

Your Partner Portals

Published on Sat, Sep 22 2012 by Sys Admin
We offer 2 standard portals for sending your audience to our website using your Partner ID.
your sales portal
Your sales portal is the perfect place to send potential customers ( i.e. folks looking for website solutions )
Your sales portal address is:
Your recruiting portal
Your recruiting portal is the perfect place to send your potential sub-affiliates ( i.e. folks looking to make money as an affiliate )
Your recruiting portal address is:
Please note, while these 2 portals are great for quick starts, and general marketing, you will achieve the best results by doing more targeted product/service specific marketing. Learn more >

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