Published on Fri, Nov 21 2014 by Adebola Ajiboye
Create forms to collect data and sell for your business

Create forms for your business

Collect the business data that you need to run your business.

Design the forms your business needs with ease. Drag & drop form builder with comprehensive options.

Contact forms, order forms, and everything in between, create forms to get the data your business needs.
From text boxes, date / time inputs, color selectors, HTML editors to file uploads, design easy to use forms in minutes with Monkey Business.

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Simplify your business forms with Groups

Organize your complex business forms into logical groups for a better user experience. 

Required & optional form elements

Easily specify information that is required, so your business data collection can be precise and reliable.

Send your form data to any email address

Instantly notify the responsible parties when your business form is completed, and deliver amazing response to your customers.

Save your form data to the CRM/Helpdesk

Get easy post-processing, ticket / status driven, integrated email communications, case history / response, logging, and auditing capabilities.

Save your form data to a dedicated database

Enable post-processing, and back-office integration with ease. With Monkey Business, you can easily browse existing records, and update any record at any time.

Export & download your form data easily

Complete data processing and analysis of your business data in your favorite app. With Monkey Business, you can download your data as text delimited or Microsoft Excel documents.

Create custom order forms in minutes

With Monkey Business Form Builder, you can quickly create custom order forms for new products and services, and start taking orders instantly.

Professional branded email messages

Need to send a copy of your form data to the customer, it's easy with Monkey Business. All email messages are professionally formatted and encased in your glorious Brand.

Create secure business forms

Easily control who can access and complete your forms. And Yes, you can activate Gotcha security to eliminate form abuse and SPAM.


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