Monkey Business Website Custom Design

Monkey Business Website Custom Design

Published on Sat, Nov 22 2014 by Adebola Ajiboye
create your Custom Design in 1 Hour
Yes, you can do it all by yourself.
We know you may find the prospect of designing your website a bit daunting. After all, a great website design is a masterpiece composition of text copy, colors, fonts and images, all carefully chosen and blended to show case your Brand and your messages.
That's why we carefully designed our Style Wizard to be deceptively simple, yet powerfully comprehensive.
We have distilled the process down to six simple steps, so you can easily, and quickly arrive at your masterpiece custom website design for your business.

Our Style Wizard is simply powerful

Launch the Style Wizard to craft the exact look you need for your business in one hour!
Monkey Business Style Wizard - Build a website for your business with Monkey Business

Your custom design in 6 easy steps.

1 Layout Template
Choose a layout for your design from our library of professionally designed layouts
2 Your logo
Upload your logo, crop and resize it to perfection.
3 Background
Select background image and color that allow your brand to shine
4 Design colors
Choose background colors for each part of your layout template
5 Custom fonts
Install custom fonts that will make sure your text content pops with crisp clarity
6 Style
Fine tune every detail of anything and everything to your heart's satisfaction.


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