Monkey Business Website Pages

Monkey Business Website Pages

Published on Wed, Nov 26 2014 by Adebola Ajiboye

Publish amazing pages in minutes

You can write what you know best
No one knows your business like you do, and no one can write it like you will. Every word and every punctuation matters deeply to effectively communicate what you are all about.
Problem is you don't know much about HTML coding and frankly you shouldn't have to. You have a business to run after all, you don't have much time to spend learning alien "techno" babble.
And we agree. Our PageBuilder app is a powerful drag and drop editor, infused with all the tools you need to get the job done, get it done extremely well and get it done fast.

Design professional grade content

Fast 1 click publishing
Create brand new webpages fast, with a single click!
Intuitive workflow
Updating your webpages is as easy as selecting "Update this page" 
Content Templates 
Speed up your publishing 1000% using prebuilt content templates. You can even create your own.
Fast prototyping
Use our built-in Lorem Ipsum text generator speed up your prototyping workflow.
Full screen editing
You will feel right at home in our clean, minimal but very familiar editor.
Pixel perfect styling
The power to design the exact look you want to the tee.
Text editing
Not much to this; just click where you want and start typing.
Rich multimedia
Embedding rich multimedia is an easy Right-click > Publish to add pictures, music, videos ...
Publish multimedia content on your webpages - Build a website for your business with Monkey Business


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