Monkey Business Website Pagebuilder Style Wizard

Monkey Business Website Pagebuilder Style Wizard

Published on Wed, Nov 26 2014 by Adebola Ajiboye

design pixel perfect content

You have the power to make your content look just the way you want
Truth be told, anyone can put stuff on a page, that's the easy part. Making that stuff look like gold, that's the interesting part.
Our PageBuilder app's built-in Style Wizard gives you the professional styling tools reserved for Pros.
Using it, you can easily and quickly change/set colors, background images, dimensions, paddings, margins, rounded corners and much more. 
Style Wizard your business content to perfection
Target anything
Select any content on your page for styling.
Style presets speed up your workflow another 1000% 
Apply site-wide brand styles to achieve uniform look all the time.
Colors / Background
Easily change text color, background color and image.
Paddings / Margins
Confront the devil in the details for pixel perfect presentations. 
Rounded corners
Easily create rounded corners for any content. 
Apply gradients to your designs for a smoother, natural feel.
Easily change the width / height of any content.
Control-freaks rejoice, be the style master with custom settings,  
Monkey Business Style Wizard - Build a website for your business with Monkey Business


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