Monkey Business Website PageBuilder SEO Information

Monkey Business Website PageBuilder SEO Information

Published on Thu, Nov 27 2014 by Adebola Ajiboye

no magic to seo

Providing basic SEO information is half the battle
And we make sure you can do just that.
You simply provide Titles, Descriptions, Target Keywords for your webpages, run the SEO Analysis Report and use it to adjust your content to achieve the desired optimization.

Providing it is easier than ever.

Always provide a clear and concise title for your webpage!
Always provide a compact, human friendly description of the content of your webpage!
Specify the keywords and keyword phrases that your webpage content must be optimized.
Embedded descriptions
Provide a description for embedded content on the page such as pictures, videos and so on.
Webpage addresses
Monkey Business automatically create seo-friendly addresses for every webpage and content.  
Smart Optimizer
Monkey Business intelligently supply missing SEO information you do not provide.
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