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Accessing your website

Published on Sat, Nov 29 2014 by Adebola Ajiboye
Go to My Projects, and select the project. 
You should have something like this.

Accessing your Primary and Secondary Website Addresses for Your Monkey Business Projects
Every project can be accessed by at least 2 addresses, namely the Primary Address and the Secondary Address.
If the address is properly setup, it will have a green check mark next to it, and you can use it to get to your website.
If the address is NOT properly setup, it will have a red X mark next to it, and you need to setup the address before you can use it to access your website.
Use any of these addresses to access your website. You can simply click on the address, or enter the address in your web browser.
The Primary Address
This is the address you provided when you setup the project.
The Secondary Address
This is default address for your project. Use it to access your website if your primary address is not available. 
You DO NOT need to log into your account to access your website.  You can go directly to your website by entering your Primary, or Secondary address, in your web browser.


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