Monkey Business Raffles Intro

Monkey Business Raffles Intro

Published on Tue, Dec 02 2014 by Adebola Ajiboye
Use raffles and free giveaways to raise business audience engagement.

Drive customer engagement with raffles

Get the perfect tool to keep your audience coming back.

Drive your business engagement.

Create free raffles and giveaway campaigns to increase audience and engagement for your business.

Create raffles & promotions in minutes.

Easy to use. Create your raffle, and start promoting FAST.

Automatic winner selection and email 

Monkey Business can automatically pick the winner and send out email notifications for you.

Publish anywhere 

Embed and publish polls on any page on your website; the right information in the right place.
Enter to win a 16 GB iPod Touch 6
Sorry, this raffle is already over.


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