How to sell Bigger, Faster AJIBOYE Monkey Business Agency Sales Process is efficient and comprehensive. Create Project Plans / Quotes in minutes, and Email instantly to potential clients. In the Management Partner Program, you will reduce pre-sales consultation. Information you need to get the most out of your membership in AJIBOYE Monkey Business Agency's Management Partner Program. Partner & Profit to build your business.

How to sell Bigger, Faster

Published on Thu, May 14 2015 by Adebola Ajiboye
Do it FAST in 2 easy steps!
1.Find out what your customer needs right now, and Create a Plan / Quote for it
Use the Project Plan / Quote Worksheet to quickly create a Project Plan / Quote for the project. The worksheet provide recommended time for various standard tasks. Prepare and save commonly requested plans in your account, so you can speed up the process when customers ask for it.
2.Email the Project Plan / Quote to customers
Use the Email feature of the Project Planning Worksheet to quickly send the Project Plan / Quote to the customer. The email contains all the critical information customers need to make an informed decision, and BUY. All links in the email copy is already properly linked with your partner tracking code so that when the customer takes action, and buy, the order is properly and automatically credited to your account.
Keeping in mind that your time is your money; providing quotes is not billable time. If you spend more than 1 hr in pre-sales consultation, you are wasting your time!
Attend a Project Planning & Quoting Webinar


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