Your Partner Account The Tools & Services in your AJIBOYE Monkey Business Agency Partner Account. In the Management Partner Program, you are the captain of your enterprise. Login to create quotes, do work, log time, track income, manage your salesforce, get paid and more. Information you need to get the most out of your membership in AJIBOYE Monkey Business Agency's Management Partner Program. Partner & Profit to build your business.

Your Partner Account

Published on Fri, May 15 2015 by Adebola Ajiboye
Log into your account for everything you need to do your work and build your business!
Once logged in, you should have something that looks like this:

Your Management Partner Account
The Account Summary
The Account Summary provides vital stats and quick access to all the critical points of your business. 
Setup your Specialist Profile
Your Specialist Profile helps other Specialists quickly find you when they need your services on their Projects. Learn how to set it up properly > 
Track and manage your Work
Go to My Projects to view and manage all your projects, and JobTrack to view tasks, complete your work and log your time.
Track & manage your Salesforce 
People you sponsor are your Salesforce. You earn 1% Sponsor commission on their activity. 
Track & manage your Sales
Keep an eye on how many Accounts you own, and how much revenue they are producing. You earn 5% commision on this activity.
Track & manage your Commissions
You will find records of all earned commissions on My Commissions. Commissions are paid automatically every month.
Track & manage your Agency Billings
You will find records of your weekly agency billings on My Agency Billings. Payroll is paid automatically every week.


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