Monkey Business Unified Search Intro

Monkey Business Unified Search Intro

Published on Mon, Dec 14 2015 by Adebola Ajiboye
Unified search helps users content fast on your website

Unified search finds content fast

Give your website users the power to find what they need quickly.

Do more business, faster.

Your customers and users know what they want from you. Unified search helps them find it quickly.

Unified Search finds everything.

Text, blogs, articles, pages, pictures, videos, whatever - Monkey Business will find it, so you can author and publish content confidently anywhere on your website.

100% secure search.

Monkey Business respects your content access and security rules, so search results only contains content that each user is already authorized to access.

Mobile search. Perfect presentation.

Put Unified Search interface on any page you want. You can limit content data sources to focus search on specific content types, and design the look and feel for a truly custom look.
Search for anything


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