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Time saving design tips & pointers

Published on Wed, Feb 17 2016 by Adebola Ajiboye
Monkey Business has a ton of productivity features for optimizing the design workflow and quality. Understanding these features will help you plan and execute your designs faster and more precisely.
Use Lorem Ipsum
Monkey Business has a built-in lorem ipsum text generator. Use it to quickly generate placeholder text in your design layouts. To access it, in the editor, just right-click and select Lorem Ipsum Texts.
Use Content Templates
Monkey Business editor has a built-in content templates library that will speed up completing your design layout task. To access the library, in the editor, just right-click and select Templates.
You can also save content you already design as a template in the library. To do so, in the editor, just right-click and select New Template.
Use Style Wizard for precise DOM actions.
Monkey Business editor's built in Style Wizard tool allows you to perform very precise DOM-level modifications, such as modifying layouts, copy and paste operations, and of course, style and presentation changes. It has a large selection of presets for responsive designing layouts, texts, paddings, margins, gradients, rounded corners, effects and even animations for faster design prototyping and execution. And, it has a custom settings option to change individual design elements to precision. 
To launch the Editor's Style Wizard, click the Style Wizard icon in the toolbar, or use the keyboard shortcut ( ALT-W ).
Use Copy / Paste across multiple editors and browser windows / tabs
You can copy and paste design elements easily within the same editor for fast duplication and content publishing. You can also copy and paste across multiple editors on the same page, or different browser windows / tabs. 
Use Effects & Animations
Monkey Business editor's Style Wizard provides a good selection of custom effects for styling content in your design. Use these to create distinct looks that take your designs to a new level. To access effects and animations, in the editor, simply launch the Style Wizard, and select Presets, and then select either Effects, or Animations.
Use Monkey Images Library
Monkey Business images provides a simple Search and Embed interface to 400K+ and over 25 million streaming images from Flickr, Gettys and AJIBOYE. This makes it quick and easy to find the right stock images and icons to go with your custom design.
Use Free Fonts Library
While you can upload and install custom fonts to be used in your custom design, Monkey Business delivers a free fonts library from various sources including Google to use in your custom theme design project. Review how to install and activate custom fonts.


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