Changing your website settings Learn how to use the Monkey Business Website Settings app to quickly change the most important settings in your new Monkey Business website Your User Guide to Monkey Business from AJIBOYE Monkey Business Agency. Learn how to use Monkey Business Management System to build your business FAST.

Changing your website settings

Published on Thu, Feb 18 2016 by Adebola Ajiboye
Monkey Business Website Settings App
With Website Settings app, you can quickly configure various aspects of your Monkey Business website.
To launch it, select Website Settings from the Shortcuts Menu.
Launching the Monkey Business Website Settings App
You should now have something like this:
The Monkey Business Website Settings App
The Configurations Manager
The Configurations Manager holds all settings and configurations data for all Monkey Business apps. If you are looking for an option that is not available in the Website Settings app, try exploring the Configurations Manager.
To access it, search for Configurations Manager in the Unified Search.
Do not modify, or delete configuration information unless you are absolutely certain you know what you are doing.


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