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Website Under Construction Mode

Published on Mon, Feb 22 2016 by Adebola Ajiboye
Monkey Business Website Under Construction Mode
Activate this mode to prevent public access to your Monkey Business website, useful for new installations in active development.
When active, all visitors are redirected to the the Under Construction Page with a link to the Login Page, where Authorized Users such as administrators can login, browse and use the system.
Website Under Construction Page on a Monkey Business Website
Activating Under Construction Mode
To activate, select Website Settings from the Shortcuts Menu, select Online, and select Yes for Under Construction.
Website Under Construction Mode in Monkey Business Websites
Disabling Under Construction Mode
To Disable the Under Construction Mode, select Website Settings from the Shortcuts Menu, select Online, and select NO for Under Construction.
Customizing Under Construction Page
You can update the content of your Under Construction Page easily. 
The Under Construction Page is saved in /documents/home/
To update it, simply locate the document in your File Manager app, and use the Edit option to open it in the Monkey Business Editor


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