Monkey Business Applications Learn how to use Monkey Business apps to create everything from Forms, Surveys, FAQs, Invoices and so on, and how to easily embed and publish application data in your content compositions and webpages. Your User Guide to Monkey Business from AJIBOYE Monkey Business Agency. Learn how to use Monkey Business Management System to build your business FAST.

Monkey Business Applications

Published on Tue, Feb 23 2016 by Adebola Ajiboye
Monkey Business Apps
Monkey Business provide Specialized Applications for Specialized Tasks
So for example, you have the Forms Manager for creating, organizing and managing all your Forms, the FAQs Manager for creating, organizing and managing all your Frequently Asked Questions (i.e. FAQs), and so on.
Accessing Monkey Business Apps
Upon logging into your website, on the My Account Page, you will find links to Monkey Business Apps organized in groups on the left side of the page:
Accessing Monkey Business Tools and Apps upon logging into your Monkey Business Website
As you become familiar with the apps available to you on Monkey Business, for a smooth workflow, use Unified Search to locate and jump into the app you need from any Pageview. For Example, if you want to create new email accounts, simply search for Email in Unified Search, and select Email Manager from the list of results returned.
Embedding and publishing application data in your webpages.
Applications deal with Structured data, which are stored in Specialized Databases.
For example the data structure for a Form is very different than an Event, or an Invoice, and so on. So, the information you provide when you are creating a Form, is significantly different to what you provide for an Event or an invoice.


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