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Using Monkey Business Effects

Published on Fri, Mar 11 2016 by Adebola Ajiboye
Take your content compositions to the next level of design and presentation with Monkey Business Effects.
Using Monkey Business Effects
Take your masterpiece content designs to another level with Effects
To access Effects, in the editor, open the Style Wizard, select Presets, and finally Effects.
Custom Effects in the Monkey Business Editor
With effects, you can turn good design compositions into amazing presentations in seconds.
You can apply Effects to any content.
For example, apply the Fire Effect to this:
Masterpiece Design Sample
And, you get this:
Masterpiece Design Sample with Fire Effect applied in Monkey Business Editor
Apply the Ice Effect, and you get this:
Masterpiece Design with Ice Effect Sample
Appy both the Fire and Ice Effects, and you get:
Masterpiece Design Sample width Fire and Ice Effects in Monkey Business Editor
 Use Effects to turn ordinary text into spectacular
For example, this Indie Flower font is naturally interesting. However, with effects applied, you have a whole new range of unique possibilities to create outstanding presentations.
Font Effects in the Monkey Business Editor


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