Linking your webpages Learn how to create, update and remove links in the Monkey Business Editor. You can easily link your webpages to provide the best navigation, most intuitive navigation experience for users. Your User Guide to Monkey Business from AJIBOYE Monkey Business Agency. Learn how to use Monkey Business Management System to build your business FAST.

Linking your webpages

Published on Sat, Mar 12 2016 by Adebola Ajiboye
Working with links in the Monkey Business Editor is simple. You can easily create new links, update and remove existing ones.
Creating new links
Creating links in easy. Just select any content, Right-Click on the Selection and select Link.
For example, to convert any text to a link, simply select the text, right-click and select Link:
Creating text links in the Monkey Business editor
Linking images is just the same.
Creating image links in the Monkey Business editor
Updating and removing links
To update any link, simply right-click on any content, and select Update Link.
To delete any link, do the same, and select Remove Link.
Updating links in the Monkey Business editor


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