AJIBOYE Monkey Business Agency Management Partner Program is for independent web service providers helping to build successful businesses.

Agency Partner Program Manual

Table of Contents

Who is our program for?

Our Management Partner program is for the independent web solution provider ( a.k.a Team of 1 ), who is specialized in providing at least one web-related service to customers. 
Specialization is a must!
Every management partner must be a Specialist in at least one thing, even if it's pure project management. See how our agency work >
Selling is NOT required. 
If you are already selling directly to customers, great! It will only become easier to build your business revenue
However, No sales = No business.
You can't build your business without sales; nobody can!
So if building a business revenue stream is important to you, you will need to sell and get accounts for yourself too.
We make it easy, even fun, to sell bigger, and faster.
How our Agency Works
Our Agency works on sound, best practice principles, to create real value for customers, and opportunities for our Specialist service providers.
To create a plan to maximize your income potential, you need to know how we work.
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