Setup your AJIBOYE Monkey Business Agency Specialist Profile to showoff your skills and capabilities. Your profile helps other specialists in the Management Partner Program find and connect with you.

Agency Partner Program Manual

Table of Contents

Your Specialist Profile

Setup your Specialist Profile to make sure that other Specialists and Customers can find and connect with you and your services.
Create Your Profile
Go to My Profiles and create your Specialist Profile. Once created, you should have something like this:
Creating your Monkey Business Agency Specialist Profile
Your Specialist Profile
Click on your profile to go to it; you should see something like this:
Sample Monkey Business Agency Specialist Profile
Setup your discovery tags
Add keywords accurately describing your services to your profile so that you can be found by other Specialists in need of your services for their Projects.
Adding keywords is easy, simply click the  button ( see image above )
Specialists building teams for their Projects are able to search by Name or Email for another Specialist they want to work with, or search by Service Needed, to get a list of Specialists available and do the job. 
Publish samples of your work
You can publish blogs, photos, music and videos to show samples of your work for others to see.
Use Tasks to organize your Business
Managing and maintaining a TODO list of things you need to do is easy. 
Follow other Specialists you like
Get on the radar of the professionals you like to work with. It's a good way to pickup more work.
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