Part 2 of our Plan makes sure You own your AJIBOYE Monkey Business Agency Accounts. You keep earning commissions every time your accounts make additional purchases. Earn for Life in the Management Partner Program.

Agency Partner Program Manual

Table of Contents

Earn more building your business

The second part of our 2 part plan for you is all about helping you earn more building your business revenue.
It's all about Account Ownership!
If you understand how the Agency works and where the money goes, Account Owners earn 5% lifetime commision simply by bringing the customer to the Agency, and Sponsors earn 1% of the same.
Your Earning potential is UNLIMITED
It does not matter if the customer's first purchase is $ 10 or $ 10,000, Account Owners and Sponsors earning is literally unlimited.
Account Owners keep earning 5% each and every time the customer makes a purchaseAnd, their Sponsors keep earning 1% too!
Make money when you are not working
Owning the account, and/or sponsoring new partners, simply means you are making money, particularly when you are not working!
Considering that the average business spends at least $ 10K per year on Agency services, how much you can make depends entirely on you.
Own 100 accounts over your working years, you earn at least $ 50K per year.
Sponsor 5 partners who do the same as you, you earn another $ 50K per year.
These are intentionally conservative examples. Do your own comparative research and analysis.
If you are going to sell, Sell Bigger, Faster
Selling Bigger, Faster is good for you ( you earn more obviously ), and more important, it is also good for the Customer, because they get to look at their Project holistically, usually for the first time, and avoid making costly mistakes they probably cannot afford.
At the risk of not immediately getting the Project if budget is constrained, Customers will appreciate and acknowledge your experience and candor, and will return, better prepared to execute a successful initiative. Which will ultimately make your work, a whole lot more satisfying.
So if you are going to sell, learn to sell Bigger, Faster >.
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