Learn how AJIBOYE Monkey Business Agency provide equitable revenue distribution for partners in the Management Partner Program.

Agency Partner Program Manual

Table of Contents

Where the money goes

It's important that you know exactly where the money goes when a customer makes a purchase.
Our Revenue / Cost Structure
10% Salesforce - 10% goes to the folks that bring the business.
70% Workforce - 70% goes to the folks that do the work.
20% Management - 20% goes towards operations and infrastructure.
Our Salesforce - Affiliate Partner Program
Our Affiliate Partner Program is our primary marketing vehicle for generating new business.
We pay 5% to the Account Owners, and another 5% to their Sponsors, for a total of 10%.
Our Workforce - Agency Partner Program
Our Agency Partner Program is our primary workforce servicing the Accounts.
We pay 70% to the Specialists doing the work.
Our Management
We provide the infrastructure and operations management to make sure everything runs smoothly.
We pay 20% on our management.
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