What does it mean to really put the Internet to work for you. Explore the 2 key questions to plan for: What are your goals? What you need to do to be successful?

Put the Internet to work for you!

Table of Contents

What does it mean?

Put the Internet to work for you means using the Internet successfully to achieve your goals.
For this agenda, ultimately, only 2 things really matter.
  1. What are your goals?
    More specifically,
    a) Is the Internet the right platform to actualize your goals?
    b) Do you really understand the key benefits the Internet has to offer?
    c) Do you have a plan to exploit these benefits to your advantage?
  2. What you need to do to be successful?
    Are you building a website that
    a) really has the technology to exploit all key Internet benefits to your advantage?
    b) really is cost effective and sustainable?
    c) really will be a pivotal operational infrastructure for you?
In this context, building a website and creating an online presence, in itself, is not the end game.
Rather, the aim is to build a website that successfully leverage Internet technology to measurably lower your operating costs and effectively create the operational environment that will efficiently and sufficiently foster achievement of  your defined goals.
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