Put the Internet to work for you. Learn what you need to do to be successful. Build a website that put technology to work for you. Brochure websites are not solutions.

Put the Internet to work for you!

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What you need to do to be successful?

Creating an online presence is the opening salvo in a very long, highly competitive game. How successful you will be depends on how far your website goes in delivering all key Internet  advantages to your finger tips.
Simply put, the most successful organizations are not those that leverage just one or two of these critical advantages, but those that successfully implements all key benefits to achieve lower operating costs.

Build a website that put technology to work for you!

The path to online success is paved with technology. To disregard use of technology in the creation, use, operation and growth of your website is a firm step in the wrong direction.
The goal of any technology you acquire should be simple. 
  • Allow you to do more in-house.
    Any technology, no matter how simple or complex, must be easy to use, empowering you and your workforce to get more done, faster.
  • Lower your operating costs.
    If you can't calculate exactly how much in future operating costs savings a technology will provide you, you are guaranteed a negative ROI on the acquisition. 
The scope of the technology you need depends on the scope of your plan to harness specific key Internet benefits you deem most important to you. Every well executed technology acquisition builds a foundation enabling enterprise growth.
Here are just a few operations to which you can leverage website technology.
  • Content publishing & information management technology
    The quality and accuracy of your website information has a significant impact on your ability to succeed online. Web applications built for content management empower you to publish and manage your information. This not only provides you with quality control measures necessary to succeed, but also lowers your operating costs by avoiding expensive content maintenance fees for basic services that can be better handled by you and your staff in house.
  • Marketing initiatives management technology
    Your ability to drive the most value from limited budgets is critically dependent on your ability to monitor the performance of each initiative. Web applications built for marketing management empower you to quickly identify what works and what doesn't and reallocate capital from failing initiatives to successful ones.
  • Lead generation and management technology
    When an anonymous website visitor takes the initiative to start a conversation with you, are you ready to deliver? On the web, the difference between a lost opportunity and a conversion (or sale) is determined by the quality and timeliness of your response. Web applications built for leads and feedback management empower you keep up with the demand by matching requests to the right personnel, while enforcing high quality standards of response, presentation and brand integrity.
  • Product and service delivery technology
    How efficient is your sales process? When a customer is ready to buy, how easy do you make it? Web applications built for product and service delivery automates your sales process. Coupled with the always on nature of the Internet, they provide you with an automated, high availability sales portal that drives revenue growth round the clock.
  • Support management technology
    Customer satisfaction is crucial to long term success of any enterprise. Happy customers reinvigorate your marketing efforts, while unhappy customers will be heard. Web applications built for support delivery and management empower you to build your success on creating satisfied customers at a lower operating cost.
  • Revenue collection technology
    A healthy cash flow is crucial to your ability to sustain and grow your operations. Web applications built for billing automation and revenue collection ensures the collection of revenue from delivered goods and services is not left to chance, and putting your operations in jeopardy. Automated billing systems lowers your operating costs, while providing customers with more access and flexibility to meet their obligations.

Brochure websites: A case study of a website solution designed to fail.

Brochure websites are popular website solutions that are marketed as affordable solutions. These harness the Internet global reach advantage, but none of the other benefits.
However, on closer inspection, brochures websites are really not affordable.
  • Brochure websites fail the basic low operating costs measure; typically requires the use of professional webmaster services for content update. At an average of $ 75 per hour, even a small organization requiring as little as two hours of support a month, can easily spend over $ 150 per month on just content updates.
  • Brochure websites are priced per page. The publishing process is not technology driven, hence these solutions cancels out the Internet cost-effective publishing advantage. 
  • Brochure websites are inflexible and error prone. With website copy handed from copy writer, to management, to the copy publisher, so many layers of copy handling makes the process inefficient, and error-prone.
Brochure websites are really not solutions, and hence perfect examples of how not to build your website if you hope to be successful.

Table of Contents

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