Put the Internet to work for you. Build your brand. Defining your brand to industry graphic design document standards keeps your costs down and assures your brand will be successful.

Put the Internet to work for you!

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Build your brand.

Online or off, your brand is your most powerful asset, and the foundation on which your communications media ( or publications ) will be built.
You cannot begin to communicate effectively or successfully without a proper and effective brand strategy.
To be successful online, you need to define your brand, build it right to industry graphic design document standards, and let it grow. Remember, great brands are built on consistency and accurate presentation

Defining your brand.

There are five basic components to a brand:
  • The Name
  • The Symbol(s)
  • The Message(s)
  • The Colors
  • The Fonts
Each component is individually significant. Every word, every phrase, every color and every font has natural interpretations you cannot simply redefine. You need to know exactly what each is saying about you.
Collectively, they deliver a clear definition of who you are and what you do.
You can easily define some components of your brand without external input. For example, your name, your messages and even graphic symbols that reflect what you do. However, you may want to rely on the services of a branding specialist to understand choice of colors and fonts ideal for your industry.
Either way, you should not leave the definition of your brand up to chance. Nor should it be defined late in the game, for example, on the fly by website or graphic designers commissioned to create your website design. 
Defining your brand is the first step in proper brand development and brand management.

Build your brand to industry graphic design document standards

Defining your brand and executing it are two separate things.
Industry standard graphic design document formats:
  • Assure media portability of your brand in future media (re)productions
  • Lower your brand reuse operating costs
  • Assure brand consistency and accurate presentation
  • Assures flexibility to work with creative media design providers
Build your brand to industry design document standards by building your brand creatives media kit
Building your brand media kit
Work with your brand design professional ( or graphic design professional ) to make sure that all your brand design documents are created to industry graphic design document standards. The collection of graphic design documents is called a brand media kit. You need to take delivery of this kit for future media document productions.
How to use your brand media kit
At the start of every creative design process, you will deliver your brand media kit to your creative design professional to use in creating new media such as brochures, business cards, website designs, and so on.

Let your brand grow

Once a brand is built, it must be allowed sufficient lifetime to establish it's identity. A brand is built by putting it in front of your target audience, in various media formats, multiple times and multiple locations, for brand awareness to happen.
The first step to growing your brand awareness is visibility. Placing your brand on all your marketing and communications media, such as business cards, email signatures, posters, brochures, flyers, online adverts ( or banners ) and so on will go a long way to reinforce your brand identity cost-effectively.
The worst thing that can be done to a brand is to change it. Every subtle change, either in use of font, different shades of color, placement of text and symbols, completely redefine the brand in the eyes of the target audience. Without a proper brand media kit, it is easy to introduce subtle changes, and unintentional or not, the damage is done.
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