Put the Internet to work for you. Control your costs. Learn how to build a cost-efficient website, implement cost-efficient media production and publishing processes, and extend with cost-efficient offline operations

Put the Internet to work for you!

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Control your costs.

When considering the Internet opportunity, many focus primarily on how to make money. However, every dollar saved is a dollar earned; for organizations, and in particular, small businesses, the most exciting opportunity online involves saving money.
The successful online enterprise is one that achieves the biggest operating cost reduction with use of smarter internet automation technology to empower human resource to get more done, faster.

Start with a cost-efficient website operation

Your website is the online division of your organization. Like it's offline counterparts, it too must be imbued with necessary cost control measures to be successful.
With the Internet's global content distribution advantage, your website already enjoys significant cost savings. Don't wipe these cost-savings out by creating overly inefficient content production and content publishing processes.
Inefficient website media ( content ) production and publishing processes are significant capital resource drains that put your agenda at risk.
Website content / media production costs can be controlled easily by:
  • Building a brand media kit
  • Understanding the various types of content / media you can create online
  • Determining what content / media production you can create in house.
  • Determining what content / media production you will outsource.
  • Having a media production plan for each media type.
Website content / media publishing costs can be controlled and contained easily by:
  • Building your website on a content management system (CMS).
  • Making sure your website CMS solution is a multi-user publishing environment.
  • Making sure your website CMS solution has user-friendly content publishing tools.
  • Provide your responsible human resource personnel with access to specific website content publishing tools for their specific areas of responsibility.
Aligning your media / content production and publishing process to your key human resource personnel responsible for the area of operation is the key to running a cost-efficient website and responsive website. For example, if you have a public relations officer, he/she should be able to publish your press releases on your website without going through a dedicated IT personnel. After all, doing so is just a natural continuation of his/her responsibilities.
Doing this successfully will
  • Remove the need, and associated costs, for a dedicated webmaster or IT guy.
  • Eliminate unnecessary middle management levels.
  • Create a more responsive, more efficient information flow
When you acquire the right website management technology, and couple it with cost-efficient content / media production and publishing processes, you will achieve a cost-efficient online operation with built in cost-controls, that will assure your ability to sustain and grow your initiatives.

Continue with cost-efficient offline operations

With your website operation processes under control, you are ready to increase your overall efficiency by optimizing your offline operations cost structure. 
Make your website do more by automating your offline business processes. Extend your website functionality and services scope by deploying web applications to handle labor-intensive offline processes.
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