Our 1% commission is the 3rd of 4 ways you can earn within our affiliate program. We pay you 1% commission on all indirect sales your salesforce / network originates, up to 5 generations!

Affiliate Manual

Table of Contents

Earn 1% commissions

Whenever any customer makes a purchase on our website, we pay commissions to partners that help bring the customers to us.
If an affiliate in your sales network refer a customer, we pay you a 1% commission when that customer makes a purchase.
We continue to pay you the same 1% commission on ALL future purchases by the customer via our lifetime compensation plan.
Who is an affiliate in your sales network
Also called sub-affiliates, this are affiliates that you recruited into our program. All your sub-affiliates, and their own sub-affiliates make up your sales network.
Building a large sales force is one easy and reliable way to generate reliable, consistent passive income. You signup sub-affiliates by specifically marketing our affiliate programs and using your recruiting partner portal.
Log into your account to view and manage your sales force.
We only pay the 1% commission if the sub-affiliate who originated the customer order is within 5 generations from you.
For example, if you recruit an affiliate named A, and A recruits B, and B recruits C, and C recruits D, and D recruits E, and E recruits F.
A is 1 generation from you.
B is 2 generations from you.
C is 3 generations from you.
D is 4 generations from you.
E is 5 generations from you.
F is 6 generations from you.
And so on.
Under this compensation plan, when a customer of E makes a purchase, you and A, B, C, D each gets 1% commissions, while E gets 5% commission.
Whereas, when a customer of F makes a purchase, you will not receive a 1% commission, whereas A, B, C, D, and E each gets 1% commission, and F gets the 5% commission.
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