Learn the options available to link to our web pages and send traffic to us. You can link with or without your partner ID.

Affiliate Manual

Table of Contents

Linking to our pages

How we connect the traffic to you
You have 2 easy options when linking to pages on our website.
Link with your unique Partner ID 
This option requires you to include your Partner ID on every link.
Using your Partner ID, you can link to your Partner Portals or any other page. You can also use our free text or image banners, which are already prelinked for you.
Link WITHOUT your Partner ID
This is a more flexible option, easily link to ANY page without using your Partner ID on every link.
By registering your websites/blogs, you are letting us know that you own these web properties. As such, ALL traffic originating from the registered properties to ANY page on our website will be credited to you.
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