Step by step information for getting the most out of your Affiliate partnership with AJIBOYE.

Affiliate Manual

Table of Contents

Who is our program for?

Our affiliate program is designed for professional marketers and salespeople, or anyone else that wants to market and sell professional website solutions to businesses. 
AJIBOYE is all about helping to build successful businesses, and we believe you too can build a real business for yourself marketing quality web solutions to the market that needs it the most - Businesses!
However, there is no business without sales! And, generating sales is serious work.
So, our program is all about maximizing the returns for our marketing partners truly devoted to generating hard earn sales.
For these select partners, we are committed to providing the best ways to maximize income generation and the most flexible marketing tools in the industry.
The compensation plans in our program rewards quality marketing practices and results, delivering sustainable long term income to our dedicated partners.
Our plan for our marketing partners is a simple one:  Sell Once, Earn Forever!
If you have not, please download our Partner Implementation Guide to learn more.
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