Our lifetime commission is the 4th of 4 ways you can earn within our affiliate program. We pay you either 5% direct sales commission or 1% indirect sales commissions on every transaction by customers referred by you or your salesforce for as long as the customer account is active.

Affiliate Manual

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Earn lifetime commissions

Affiliate programs regularly pay high one-time commissions to acquire new customers.
At a glance, this seems a great win for sales people, but on close inspection, they are compensated a very small portion of the total value of business the customer eventually does.
We think this is not smart, both for the business and for the salesperson.
This is even more apparent in web agency solutions, where a customer's first purchase may be a confidence building one, such as DIY solution like Monkey Business or say a domain name, with total value of less than $ 100.00.
However, as the customer is serviced and develops a relationship with the company, he/she utilizes additional products/services offered in building his/her online business.
These lifetime purchases are worth hundreds and thousands of dollars that salespeople paid in a one-time commission model miss out of.
We believe this is not only unfair, but also unsustainable for a healthy business ecosystem.
That's why we offer lifetime commissions. You sell once, and earn forever!
What is lifetime commissions.
With lifetime commissions, you are paid the same 5% commissions and 1% commissions for ALL future purchases made by a customer that you or your sales network referred to us. 
Benefits to you
  • Allows you to earn more income from your marketing investments
  • Allows you to focus on real customers needing our products/services
  • Allows you to build a strong, growing and sustainable passive income stream
  • Allows you to build your own independent marketing business by building a real sales network
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