Learn how to locate your default Monkey Business website login information, and how to use it log into your website.

Monkey Business User Guide

Table of Contents

Logging into your website

To log into your website, and make changes to it, you need your Webmaster account information.
Locating Your Webmaster Login & Password
To locate your default login for any project,

Check your email first. When you setup your website, an email is sent to you containing the login and password for your webmaster account.

If you don't have the email, go to My Projects, and select Project

You should have something like this.
Locating the default Webmaster Login Information for your Monkey Business Website
Logging into your website
Go to your website using either your Primary Address or Secondary Address.
Once there, locate the nearest My Account link you can find and click on it to get to the Login Form.
Enter your login email and password.
Remember to change your webmaster password once you log into your website to keep the account secure.
Remember to never share your webmaster password with anyone. You can always create more administrative accounts, and it's generally best practice to make sure everyone use a separate login account.
Recovering your webmaster password.
By default, all webmaster account email is setup to automatically forward to your AJIBOYE Account email address.
If you forgot it your webmaster account password, you can request a new easily.

To do this, go to the login page on Your Website, and enter your webmaster account login in the New Password Request Form.

An email containing a new password will be delivered in minutes to the Email Address for your AJIBOYE account.

Table of Contents

  1. Table of Contents
  2. Welcome
  3. Who is this guide for
  4. Get a Monkey Business Free Trial
  5. Managing your Monkey Business Installations
  6. Convert free trial to paid account
  7. Upgrading your website
  8. Canceling your website
  9. Accessing your website
  10. Setup DNS for domain names
  11. Logging into your website
  12. Navigating your website
  13. Changing your website settings
  14. Website Under Construction Mode
  15. Website Maintenance Mode
  16. Website Performance Optimizations
  17. Managing your files and folders
  18. A Pageview in Monkey Business
  19. Creating and updating webpages
  20. Linking your webpages
  21. The Monkey Business Editor
  22. Using Content Templates in the Monkey Business Editor
  23. Using Content Managers in the Monkey Business Editor
  24. Using Custom Codes in the Monkey Business Editor
  25. Using Style Wizard in the Monkey Business Editor
  26. Fundamentals of Content Design & Styling
  27. Complex Designs and Content Containers
  28. Next Level of Content Design, Style & Presentation
  29. Using Monkey Business Effects
  30. Using Monkey Business Animations
  31. Buying, and installing a custom website theme
  32. Activate, and customize your custom design theme
  33. Fine-tune your custom design with the Quick Style Wizard
  34. Monkey Business Applications
  35. Video Tutorials
  36. Get professional help
  37. FAQs
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