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Online Marketing Service

Online Marketing Service

Take your brand, product or service to the market with our comprehensive online marketing for your business.
Perfect for product or service launches, brand marketing, raising market awareness, increasing or expanding market penetration, and winning market share. 
Our online marketing service is a comprehensive advertising and campaign design, execution and management service for your business. Designed to generate the results you need to reach clearly defined goals such as reaching targeted customers, increasing highly qualified website traffic to your business, and increasing engagement and revenue.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it?
Our online marketing service provides comprehensive brand, product, and service promotion across all viable online channels for your business, including organic search, paid search, social media marketing, specialized directories and more. 
How does it work?
You define your short and long-term goals, and pick a budget you can sustain for at least 6 months.
We do the rest. We design your ads & campaigns, prioritize channel execution, channel budget allocation, campaign-website integration, monitoring, reporting & analytics, and provide ongoing day to day campaign management necessary to succeed.
What online channels do you handle?
We focus on all the major online marketing channels including organic search (long-term SEO strategies), paid search (Adwords, Bing, etc), social media marketing (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Google Plus), video marketing (Youtube), directories (Yelp, Yellow Pages, Mantra, etc).
With your needs, and goals as practical constraints, we prioritize campaign deployment on channels, and allocate campaign budget on each channel based on your total available budget. Ultimately, if your budget allows for it, the goal is to have your reach extend to all channels.
Do you handle offline channels like print, radio, tv?
How is my ad budget spent?
The ad budget covers the management fees and channel campaigns ad spend.
Management fees cover research, design, deployment, monitoring and optimization of campaigns. Hence, management fees vary depending on what stage your campaigns is in. Initially, during the setup phase of campaigns on each channel, the management fees is a significant portion of your ad budget. However, once campaign setup and optimized, ongoing campaign monitoring takes less time. Management time and fees goes significantly down as your campaigns enter a monitoring phase.
Management fees per channel during setup phases is 50% of your budget, while in a monitoring phase is 20%. It typically take about about 1-2 months to get campaigns into a monitoring phase.
Ad spend is the balance of your ad budget, after management fees. It is what is spent on funding the campaigns on targeted channels.

Example: If you have a $ 1000 monthly ad budget, in the setup phase, your budget allocation will be about 50% / 50% ( i.e. $ 500 / $ 500 ) for management fees / ad spend. In the monitoring phase, budget allocation will be 20% / 80% ( i.e. $ 200 / $ 800 ). 
How about reporting?
We provide direct access to all your individual campaigns across all channels. You will be able to access the actual campaign setup, configuration, performance data and analytics.
We also setup customized goals tracking and integrated reporting with campaign cost data so you can easily monitor and see key ROI values for your ad investments.
Am I ready for online marketing?
To run successful online marketing campaigns, you need to make sure you have the data capture, reporting & analytics, and marketing infrastructure needed for tracking, analysis, optimization of online campaigns. With online marketing, it's all about data, data, data.

At a minimum, your website needs to have
  • Comprehensive data capture, reporting and analytics, including Google Analytics. 
  • Content syndication capabilities for efficient content marketing
  • Marketing automation capabilities for continuous multi-channel marketing.
  • A hopefully simplified and reliable, ordering / fulfillment / support workflow.
The right infrastructure reduces the risk and cost of executing and managing successful online campaigns. If your website does not have the infrastructure for data analytics, we suggest you first consider a quick and cost efficient migration to Monkey Business.

In addition to infrastructure, on the business and operations side, you need to have historical data on some key performance indicators (KPIs) for your business. These include,
  • The average order amount ( for new / returning customers )
  • Website traffic performance data ( total, average views, average time, bounce rates, geolocation, etc )
  • Your target customer profile
These KPIs are critical in designing a marketing / campaign strategy that will be sustainable with the ad budget you have.

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