Join our FREE affiliate program. Send us customers, as a marketing partner, earn $ 643 per order with lifetime residual commissions, and easily build your business helping others build theirs.


Earn $ 643+ per project with lifetime residuals

Are you a Sales Pro looking to build your own independent Sales business?

If so, partner & profit with us, the Monkey Business Agency, to sell professional web agency solutions to small businesses, fast and easy, under our brand and make money! There is no cost to join, and it takes less than 5 minutes to sign up and start selling. There is no limit to how much you can earn. And, we pay lifetime residuals, so over time, you earn more, even when you are not actively selling.

Sell anyway, and anywhere you like

Sell Online. Everyone can share text and banner links to our solutions on their websites, blogs, social media pages, email, classified ads and more. Share anywhere you can post a text or banner link. We made linking easy and straightforward. And we provide free web banners. Clicks and traffic from your online marketing efforts generates unqualified leads, which may or may not turn into Sales. Even so, we pay you 10 cents per click for your efforts. And if, and when they turn into sales, you earn even more; we pay you a 5% sales commission.
Sell Offline. Real Sales happen offline, on Main Street, driven by relentless Sales pros using direct networking, events, network marketing, business to business (b2b), inside sales, cold calling and other direct sales techniques. These offline efforts generates qualified leads. In this arena, response time is critical. So, we made it easy to create & email comprehensive Project Plans / Quotes in mere minutes to your qualified leads. Our simple Sales workflow is engineered to deliver higher leads to sales conversion for you, without you lifting another finger. And, you guessed it, we pay you a 5% sales commission on all sales you personally originate.
Wherever and however you sell, we provide the tools, incentives and support you need to do incredible sales and marketing in minutes.
And, we pay you accordingly with...

The best compensation plan in the world for Sales pros

4 compensation plans to maximize your earnings; we pay you at every step of the Sale for LIFE.
Yes, 4 plans to maximize your earnings.
Do as little, or as much as you want and you still get paid. Sell online or offline, and you earn. Do it all, and you earn even more for Life!
Partner & Profit with us, and build your Sales business fast!

Plan 1. Get paid for generating leads

The road to a Sale is a long one, and it all begins with Sharing.
Simply share information about a solution with a potential customer, and you create a lead, which may or may not turn into a Sale.
We make sure you get paid for your effort, and we pay you $ 0.10 per lead.
So you can spread the word, anyway and anywhere you like, online and offline. We do our part, making it super easy to link and share. Share text and banner links to our solutions, confident that you will get something for your time, particularly when leads do not turn into Sales.
Web links never die. You share once, and earn forever!

Plan 2. Get paid for generating sales

As you know, all leads are not born equal.
In one universe, you have unqualified leads, potential customers, usually from online marketing, that you have no direct personal / offline connection to, and in another universe, you have qualified leads, those that you do.
Qualified or not, we make sure you get paid for generating leads. But as every Sales pro knows, qualified leads are the real money makers.
Qualified leads convert to sales 1000% more than unqualified leads.
Sales pros actively seek and recruit qualified leads, in the real world, on Main Street. If you are one, we love to have you partner & profit with us.
With us, you will find it's super easy to create and deliver comprehensive project plans / quotes to your qualified leads in minutes. Our sales workflow is streamlined, designed to dramatically increase conversion of your leads into sales, so you can really earn with minimal effort on your part.
We pay you 5% commissions for Life! You sell once, and earn forever.

Plan 3. Get paid for building a Sales Team.

Every Sales pro knows an open secret: Selling is an Art.
And pros love to teach.
Under our program, teaching others how to fish, sharing your trade secrets, is another opportunity for you to earn even more.
When you promote our affiliate program, and recruit other Sales pros to join, they automatically become part of your Sales Team, an extension of you.
We pay you 1% commission on all Sales that your Sales Team generates, so you continue to earn when others on your Team make Sales.
Yes, if you are a network marketing sales pro, our plan is designed for you. We pay 1% commission for up to 5 generations! Your Sales Team will supersize your earnings, and help you create a solidly successful Sales business even faster!

Plan 4. Get paid for Life.

Sell Once. Earn Forever.
This is the key to building your own independent Sales business.
Our plan is your opportunity to do just that: continue to get paid for the Life of every account you sold.
It's all about account ownership. All Sales, Personal or Team, are linked to you forever.
We pay you the same 5% or 1% commission on all future purchases made by your personal and Team accounts for Life.
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