Join our agency's team of independent web professionals, and earn $ 2113 per project. As part of a team, you work smarter, not harder or longer! Build your business by providing your expertise and management, while delivering comprehensive solutions only a team can deliver, for your clients.

Agency Partner program

web professionals
Get work you love, do it, get paid
Join our agency as a Specialist, and keep selling the same professional business solutions you are already selling, to customers in your neck of the wood -- only now you gain a team, and sell bigger, complete solutions only teams can handle.
The advantages to you, and your clients, are numerous.
of billable hour

Benefits for you

Your product is your time. Join us, cut your overhead and protect it now.
As an independent solution provider, your product is your time. If it's not billable, you are not making money. Working by yourself, you are a one-man operation doing marketing, sales, delivery, billing and collections, all non-billable time bleeding you dry. Join us and maximize your income; focus on finally just doing work that adds to your bottom line.
Zero setup costs, shorter presale cycle, faster closing, higher closing rate.
Selling under our brand leverages our brand equity, and simple, optimized sales process, to your customer pre-sales consultation, and the bottom line is simple: reduce free pre-sale consultation time, sell bigger, and convert more prospects into actual clients. And, you will do it all in less time!
Why? Because our solutions are completely documented, and sanely priced. You don't have to reinvent this wheel. Clients are smart, they know a good thing when they see it, and when they do, they stop shopping around and buy.
Sell bigger, more complete solutions only a team can handle.
When you work alone, you can only provide your clients with the few solutions you specialize in. Join our team to gain a team of your own. Then, you can instantly provide your clients with all the comprehensive and professional web solutions they really need and want. Bigger projects means bigger income for you! You do the part of the work you specialize in, and assign the rest to the specialists in your team.
Full control of your projects, with the option to work as much, or as little as you like
You are always in control, as Project Manager for your clients, you are free to do as much of the work as you like, or tap the other specialists in the agency when you need. 
Get more of the work you love to do. No marketing, bidding, writing proposals!
When other Specialists have work that you are specialized in, you get more of the work you love to do! We cut out all the inefficiencies. No bidding, no writing proposals, no price-haggling, no wasting time! A simple email alerts you to projects and tasks assigned to you. And, you simply login, do your work and get paid.  
Get the infrastructure you need to service your clients
You need first class infrastructure to deliver first class service to clients. Join us and get it instantly.
Our Project Dashboard  empower clients to monitor their businesses with you, and empower you to craft and manage the right team of specialists around each project.
Our JobTrack system empower clients; it delivers direct and complete budget control, timely progress updates automatically. Bottom line - your time will be free to focus on work you really enjoy doing... executing and delivering results for clients.
Our Live Support system empower you and clients to collaborate efficiently from anywhere! Eliminate scheduling and commuting issues, you get more done with more clients, at the time they need it most.
Our Automated Billing system, means you never have to worry about or handle billing again. Clients purchase support plans for their projects when they need, and you earn 70% of the hourly rate  ( we reserve 30% to cover administrative costs ).  
Get paid on time, every time!
Perhaps the biggest obstacle to enjoying doing what you love to do is getting paid on time. We completely eliminate this problem for you. You get paid on time for every hour you put into client projects. We pay every week by DIRECT DEPOST, CHECK, PAYPAL or WESTERN UNION. 
Build your strong business revenue with lifetime commissions!
As a agency partner, you are also part of our affiliate program, assuring that your earnings grow beyond the billable hour, and keeps growing every single month! You earn 5% or 1% commissions on every project for life! All together, you earn actively from doing billable work that you love, and earn passively from all your customer accounts purchases for life!

Benefits for your clients

Clients get the rock solid business management technology they need to run their business operations. With all the features they need grow their businesses every day; they can do a ton by themselves, reducing their operational costs. Clients will love it, and they will love you.
Saving your clients money is a big win for you too! Your clients will be able to rely on you to help with more interesting, more challenging aspects of their operations where your know-how can make all the difference. Clients purchase agency support plan when they need it, while you focus on executing for them as the Project Manager.
As part of the Agency, you are not alone. You tap other specialists as your clients and projects need. The bottom line for your clients is exactly their heart's desire - the best, most experienced people handling execution of the tasks critical to their businesses, at the same low affordable rates. 

For web professionals only

Our program is for experienced, independent service providers only! We review every application, and verify skills and capabilities to make sure every partner is qualified in the areas they are specialized in. We are always looking for folks experienced in...
  • Brand, Creative, Graphics & Media Design
  • Copywriting & Content Production
  • Audio, Video & Animation Productions
  • Applications Development
  • Advertising, Marketing & Public Relations
  • User Interface (UI) & Experience (UX) Design
  • Data Analytics & Business Intelligence
  • Customer Service, Support & Helpdesk

Simple Terms

  • $ 59.95 per month partnership fee.
  • You earn 70% of the agency support hourly rate ( we reserve 30% to cover administrative costs )
  • You earn 5% or 1% commissions on orders you help originate for life.
  • You get paid every week by DIRECT DEPOSIT, CHECK, PAYPAL or WESTERN UNION.
  • You get the infrastructure you need to service your clients
  • You get a corporate email address & mailbox for your communications.
  • You get a corporate phone extension, call forwarding and voicemail box for your communications.
  • You get business cards & brochures ( optional - purchase as you need )
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