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Designing an effective brand/logo for your business starts with providing detail information about your vision.
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Brand Design Requirements Form

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Helpful Hints
1Take some time to browse the web, and find some brands/logos that you love. Download these logos to your PC and then upload 2-3 samples of these, so we can have an idea what moves you!
2 Think carefully about the colors you like to see your brand in. Colors mean something different to many people, so pick carefully. A good place to explore color combos is Then specify 2 colors ( excluding black and white ) that you like. Your brand/logo and creative designs will be done in colors in these shade/spectrum. You can enter colors by name (i.e. red) or codes (i.e. #ff0000).
3 Typography can mean the difference between a polished, sharp, and elegant image and a sloppy looking one. Take some time to research fonts that you like to see your text content and messages in. A good place to explore fonts variety is Simply enter the names of the fonts you like.