Design and sell your custom website design themes for Monkey Business, set your own prices, and earn 70% of the list price.

Monkey Business design partner program.

Design Once. Earn Forever.
Make 70% on your custom website designs!

Are you a professional Web Design Pro? Join us in creating original custom website design themes for Monkey Business, and earn 70% of the list price.

It's that simple, and that's just the start.
You set your own prices.
Though we recommend $ 49.95 - $ 99.95, you are free to set your own prices.
Nothing new to learn.
Monkey Business adheres to open web standards, so there is absolutely nothing new to learn, making designing for Monkey Business really easy.
Natively mobile friendly.
Monkey Business automatically handles content presentation and responsiveness on all devices, taking the pain out of designing truly mobile friendly themes.
Powerful design tools.
Create compelling designs in seconds. From fonts, to stock images, you will find all the tools you need to complete compelling designs exactly where you need ... at your finger tips.
Monkey Business supports true custom web fonts; you can install your own or select from our font library of over 1000 fonts, including Google fonts. 
Monkey images makes it easy to find the perfect stock image / picture to to go with your custom design. Just search and embed..., Monkey Images delivers over 400K icon sets, and 25 million images from Flickr and Gettys.
Powerful Theme Package Tool
Package, and list your custom design theme in minutes; our theme package tool automatically creates the complete installation package required to accurately install your custom design on any Monkey Business website.
And, we offer even more ways to earn with the best compensation plan in the World for Sales Pros
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