How to build a successful business in 2015? Simple, let best practices guide you in building and buying your brand, media designs, website and business solutions. Do this while you build your business and you will avoid costly mistakes, save money and build a successful business!

How to build your business


A step by step guide to building a modern successful business!

Follow these best practices in making informed decisions in planning and executing the building of your business. 

Be patient. A real business takes real time.

As anyone with business experience will tell you, a real business takes time to build up.
Understanding this helps you make the right management decisions along the way.
More than an idea, a business is all about processes.
To be a real business, you have to build out all the processes involved with communicating, capturing, delivering and supporting your products and services, in addition to managing all your customers, partners, and employees.
Processes, by their nature, simply takes time to design, build and document.
It will take time, so make decisions based on the long-term.
At every step, you will be making critical management decisions that will impact the trajectory of your business. When you do, avoid the short-term conveniences and expediencies. Focus on what is best long-term for your business. Then, do it.

Roadmap to build your successful business.

There is a simple formula for building a successful business.
Follow this roadmap, one step at a time, and you will end up with a thriving, growing business.
  • Start with a good idea
  • Start with enough capital
  • Build a Brand for your business
  • Build a Brand Kit for your Brand
  • Always Be Marketing your Brand & Business
  • Build complete documentation of your products/services
  • Price your products/services competitively
  • Build your helpdesk support processes
  • Build your ordering and fulfillment processes
  • Build your billing and recovering processes
  • Build your marketing processes
  • Build other critical business processes
  • Protect your cash-flow

Build a Brand for your Business.

Your business brand is probably the most important asset you will have to distinguish your business from the pack. Building it takes time, and requires careful, diligent, disciplined management.
To build a successful brand, learn brand management best practices:
  • Your Logo != Your Brand.
  • Never change your logo design on a whim.
  • Never stop marketing your brand.
  • Keep your brand promises.
Design an effective logo for your business.
DIY or use a professional; carefully reflect on the logo design you come up with, but don't waste too much time on this. Remember, your Logo != your Brand.
Great brands are built over time, and however your logo looks, you will still need to keep your brand promises every single day to really give it life. And, the first promise you need to keep is to: never change your logo design on a whim.
Use a professional, it's affordable!
Where your budget allows, purchase brand design service, and work with a creative design professional to design a custom logo that is truly reflective, and effective of your business and industry.
It should not take more than 5-10 hrs of creative design to come up with a custom logo that would be a great symbolic ambassador for your brand. Find a professional that offers an hourly rate that is within your budget and get it done fast!

Build a Brand Kit for your Brand.

Build a brand kit for your business to assure consistent, efficient brand integration and management.
Brand management can easily take second place
As critical as your brand is, without an effective use / management strategy, it's the very first casualty of your business. This is a costly mistake business rookies make all the time.
Remember: Never change your logo design on a whim
A brand kit helps you keep this promise every time anyone creates brand-integrated media for your business. Consistent brand presentation is critical to creating a successful brand recognition from your brand marketing efforts over time. You can't achieve this without a brand kit.
Once you get it, use it!
A brand kit is no good to you unless you actually use it. So, really understand why you need it, why you got it, and then actually use it.
Using it is easy enough, simply provide it to every creative designer, or agency creating or designing brand-integrated media for your business, and make sure that creatives delivered back to you adheres to the high standards you have carefully documented in your brand kit & style guide.


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