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Monkey Business is

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Build a better business with Monkey Business
Run a better business with Monkey Business
for your business
A website built for business
Every business needs a modern website. With Monkey Business, you can easily publish, market and monetize your business.
for your business
Secure business email
Unlimited business email, at no additional cost. Create dedicated mailboxes for every person, team, or division in your business.
for your business
An online store
A full-feature online store. Large catalog? No problem. Unlimited products, custom options, categories, warehouses, discount codes, orders.
for your business
Digital marketing tools
Get powerful marketing tools you need to put your business, content, and offers in front of the right people, at the right time, every time.
for your business
Billing and payment solutions
Billing solutions you can rely on. Create professional invoices, accept secure payments, with automatic payment reminders.
for your business
A suite of support tools
Win customers over with first class support. FAQs, documents, manuals, forums, custom forms, surveys, polls, Helpdesk.
for your business
Business analytics & reports
Over 100+ gorgeous reports and data points so you can understand what's truly going on within your business.
Build a better business with Monkey Business
for your business
One solution. One Price.
To build & run your business.

All-in-one business system for entrepreneurs

Stop juggling multiple solutions. Signup new customers, take orders, provide support, manage your cash flow.  Monkey Business is all you need to build and run your business online.

Monkey Business Features

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Monkey Business Website

Build your website FAST all by yourself
Professional designs. Setup in minutes. Easy, point and click customization. Quickly add new pages. Drag and drop organization. One-click page editing.
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Monkey Business Editor

Design amazing content FAST all by yourself
One-click page editing. Content templates. Drag & drop publishing. Seamless photo editing. Integrated stock images. Style presets. Advance copy paste.
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Monkey Business Email

Get secure business email accounts
Create as many email accounts as you need. Securely send and receive email from any device.

Monkey Business Email Marketing

Grow your business with email marketing
Organize all your email contacts into targeted mailing lists. Design beautiful email messages. Send messages immediately or schedule for future, or repeat mailing.

Monkey Business Online Store

Sell your products and services online with ease
Unfettered, full-featured, flexible. Powerful catalog management. Unlimited products. Sell anything: products and/or services. Inventory monitoring. Flexible tax rules. Integrated real-time shipping. Sales promotions, and discount codes. Seamless shopping cart, and checkout for superior user experience.

Monkey Business Forms

Collect the data you need, create custom forms in minutes.
Drag and drop form builder. Save to database. Export to Excel. Integrated payment processing, so you can easily create order forms.

Monkey Business Surveys

Run surveys to gain valuable insight
Create surveys fast. Easy drag and drop survey builder. See responses in real-time. Make data-driven decisions. Easy market research. Comprehensive reporting.

Monkey Business FAQs

Publish and manage frequently asked questions (FAQs) about your business, products and services.
Author fast: provide a question, provide the answer. Organize FAQs with categories.  Drag and drop to organize. Flexible publishing options. Easy style customization.

Monkey Business Unified Search

Find any content FAST, boost productivity and user experience
Your users know what they want, Unified Search helps to find it. Pages, blogs, articles, pictures, videos, whatever. 100% secure search: results only contain content the user is authorized to access.

Monkey Business Helpdesk

Keep customers happy with first class, responsive support.
Customers can easily start, track and respond with support tickets. Assign ticket handling to the right person or team. Full ticket response tracking.

Monkey Business Accounts

Easily manage all your people.
From customers, partners, to employees, quickly model, onboard and manage all the people in your business. Configure your account types, terms and agreements, on-boarding requirements, fees, upgrade paths and access levels. Completely customizable. Supports subscription billing.

Monkey Business Security

Easily control access to your business information, tools and services.
Group based access control. Organize users into groups. Specify groups that can and cannot access every piece of content.

Monkey Business Salesforce

Recruit and pay an army to sell for your business.
End to end salesforce management. Multi-level compensation plans. Automatic commissions.

Monkey Business Billing

Bill and get paid on time, every time.
Create professional invoices fast. Automatic bill reminders. Autopay options.

Monkey Business Donations

Turn your donors into a reliable funding channel.
Give users the option to make one-time or recurring donations. Multiple Cause support. Autopay donations. Automatic email alerts. Donor controls.

Monkey Business Banner Ads

Sell display banner ad spots on your websites.
Monetize your website. Control your own ad inventory. Create your own ad packages. Set your own prices. Automatic ad rotation.

Monkey Business Media Encoder

Easily use audio, video and photo media
Automatic encoding of audio, video and photo. Comprehensive media management. Easy publishing. Support media collections.

Monkey Business Testimonials

Build trust with customer testimonials.
Request customer testimonials. Review and publish on any page. Automatic rotation.
The absolute best thing is that we've got a flexible platform that takes care of our current requirements and one on which we can plan future growth. I'm a big fan!
- Edinam Oton
Editor, The AFRican
Wed, Jun 24 2009

Monkey Business Events

Publish, promote and manage your events, sell tickets 
Create and list your event. Flexible tickets options. Integrated event marketing. Event dashboard. 

Monkey Business Blog

Blog for your business
Share your knowledge. Smart communications marketing. Create blogs for everything.

Monkey Business Articles

Easy content production, quality control and process management.
From writing to publishing, easily manage every step of your content production. Professional quality control. Customizable workflows. Integrated content distribution and marketing.

Monkey Business Polls

Poll your customers for actionable insight.
Use polls to gain quick feedback on any issue. Secure, accurate, smart polling. Comprehensive analytics.

Monkey Business Raffles

Drive user and customer engagement.
Create a raffle campaign. Set campaign duration and prizes. Automatic winner selection. Automatic email notification.

Monkey Business Rewards

Launch a rewards program to build customer loyalty.
Easily reward your best people. Reward for every action. Award Cash and Point rewards.

Monkey Business Documents

Organize and securely share your business documents
Add documents. Create categories to organize. Improve discovery with tags. Comprehensive access control.

Monkey Business Forums

Build a community with discussion boards
Enable peer conversations, and support. Create public, private or restricted access categories. Easy moderation. Follow content. Email alerts.

Monkey Business Knowledge bases

Easily author and publish product manuals and white-papers.
Provide your customers and partners with detail, organized information they need to do business with you.

Monkey Business Virtual Currency

Print your own currency to do more business.
Call your currency whatever you want. Create an exchange rate. Customers can buy it or earn it. Customers can use it to pay for products and services.

Monkey Business MArtketing Automation

Deliver content where your customers are with powerful inbound marketing.
Automatically and intelligently deliver content to channels that matter to you: we support email, and social media channels. Custom channel and content rules.

Monkey Business Profiles

Launch your own "Facebook Pages". 
Host your internal social network. Increase visibility: give every user, customer, partner, employee, department or project their own page. 

Monkey Business Milestones

Get the power to do the right thing, at just the right time.
Run your business 24/7 with milestones. Setup an action to occur when something you care about happens on an individual account basis.

Monkey Business Scheduler

Schedule and run your processes in the background.
Scheduler lets you automate your business processes. Create a job. Set the time to run. Run once, or repeat when you need.

Monkey Business Analytics

Comprehensive reports help you see your business in a whole new light.
Get detail reports on every aspect of your business.

Monkey Business API

Take your business integration to the next level.
Provide API services that partners can integrate with. Consume any modern web service with ease and accelerate your own third-party integrations. 

Why choose Monkey Business?

Built for business
Full-feature business apps
Avoid costly integrations
Continuous improvements
Worry-free upgrades
Play nice with others
Solid, extensible platform
One low monthly fee
Professional support
Monkey Business powers businesses online
Proven technology, secure cloud hosting, expert support runs on Monkey Business runs on Monkey Business runs on Monkey Business runs on Monkey Business runs on Monkey Business

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