Monkey Business 4.00.02 is a software release upgrade to Monkey Business Management System. Monkey Business is everything you need to build & run your business online. Monkey Business Agency Inc.

Monkey Business 4.00.02

Released Wed, Jun 08 2016
Bug Fixes & Improvements
  • Events Manager - Rebuilt upcoming events publisher to include venue information, responsive layout for perfect presentation on all devices, and improved Style Wizard targeting options for easier, faster style and design integration.
  • Google API - Fixed bug clearing the Google Api Key configuration data for new Monkey Business installations.
  • Reconfigured default settings for page scrolling to allow for smoother, shorter scrolls, fixing the large, jumpy scrolls experienced by some users particularly on pages with long content.
  • Fixed a bug in the site-wide content preprocessor causing page sizes to balloon to performance impacting sizes on some pages.
  • Reconfigured scrollbars for a smoother, shorter scrolling experience.
  • Reports & Analytics - Store abandoned orders now recognizes only orders abandoned after checkout was initiated.
  • Security - Updated data handling with improved verification rules for user supplied data to guide against user driven attack vectors.