Monkey Business 4.02.02 is a software release upgrade to Monkey Business Management System. Monkey Business is everything you need to build & run your business online. Monkey Business Agency Inc.

Monkey Business 4.02.02

Released Thu, Mar 02 2017
Bug Fixes & Improvements
  • Online Store: Fixed a critical bug in the automatic catalog data export feeds  resulting incorrect product options for some products.  
  • Fixed a bug disabling the Flash Navigation Simulator when performance optimizations are enabled.
  • Fixed a bug disabling where email is not sent to customer when administrator resets password from the Account Dashboard of the Accounts Manager.
  • Catalog Manager: Products listing's Price, and Weight columns joins the Quantity and Options columns, in showing aggregate data across all product options, providing more informative data point for managing products with large number of options.
  • Backoffice: Quick Search results lists now properly stacked for better visibility and improved user experience.
  • Backoffice: Mobile responsive improvements for the default cpanel theme.
  • Advance Performance Optimizations now configurable in the Website Settings and Configurations Manager.
  • Online Store: Fancy Picture Viewer now prefetch large versions of the thumbnails in the background for quicker load and smoother user experience.
  • Fixed issues affecting browser support ( Firefox, IE, Edge ) for Onscreen Page Navigator.