Monkey Business 4.02.07 is a software release upgrade to Monkey Business Management System. Monkey Business is everything you need to build & run your business online. Monkey Business Agency Inc.

Monkey Business 4.02.07

Released Fri, Apr 14 2017
Bug Fixes & Improvements
  • Pictures Manager: Upgraded user interface for the Photo Slider, improving user experience on mobile and tablet devices.
  • Multimedia Ratings: Mouseover activated triggers for Ratings UI now automatically disabled on mobile and tablet devices to improve user experience.
  • Unified Search: Improved User Interface of  app's default design with sleek icons for a more modern, polished look.
  • Catalog Manager: Fixed a bug in the date sorting options available on the list of products.
  • Multimedia: Content Tags now published sorted and with duplicates removed for a more compact and user friendly user interface.