Monkey Business 4.03.03 is a software release upgrade to Monkey Business Management System. Monkey Business is everything you need to build & run your business online. Monkey Business Agency Inc.

Monkey Business 4.03.03

Released Mon, Jul 31 2017
Bug Fixes & Improvements
  • Monkey Business Editor: Fixed bugs in the navigation keyboard shortcuts - Tab and Escape. These controls now intelligently know to select/deselect the right content, and close dialogs and panels based on display order, priority and selection context. All together, these fixes delivers a smooth, efficient workflow for power users, and pros versed in keyboard shortcuts.
  • Monkey Business Editor: Rebuilt the save/update process to avoid changes to the selected / active content, and user interface controls. This results in precision work history, and frictionless background processing, saving and update of editor value / contents.
  • Monkey Business Editor: Fixed bug in the logic for Resizable Blocks that sometimes result in inaccurate size / dimensions for complex composition. This fix now assures accurate, and precision layout all the time for a smooth, fun user experience.
  • Monkey Business Editor: Improved, smarter Copy & Paste operations. Copy and paste with precision and ease, increases productivity, and more rewarding user experience. Precision copy & paste content within the editor. Clean copy & paste external content into the editor.
  • Smart List Boxes: Monkey Business now supports seamless transformation of regular select / listboxes into smart, combo listboxes that provides easy selection from available options, and entry of custom values.
  • User-friendly Monkey Business Editor Style Presets, take up less screen space, more compact, provides easier style exploration and experimentation, and enhances user experience.
  • Monkey Business Editor Smart Toolbar options now supports custom styling for Text, Color, Background, Paddings, Margins, and Rounded Corners.