Launch or expand your web design business with our turn-key, private label reseller program. Sell white-label domain names, websites, hosting, ssl certificates, and more, from your own secure storefronts

reseller program

Your Business. Your Customers. Your Prices.
Build your own business, brand and income
It's time to launch your own business instantly with AJIBOYE turn-key, white-label Reseller Program

You know you want need to build something that's truly your own. Now you can. Join us and get all you need to start selling online instantly!

Launch your business, make money every month, selling quality web products and services for businesses, including domain nameswebsites, email, ssl certificates, and more.
Your business. Your customers. Your Prices.
Your customers are yours to keep. They only see your business, name and logo so you can build your business and brand. They buy and renew products at the prices you set, so you can innovate, experiment and maximize your earnings as you see fit. With our reseller program, you are in full control of your business.
Markup our low prices up to
Storefronts for your business
Launch secure Storefronts for your business instantly.
And yes, you can create as many storefronts as you need.
Secure, turn-key storefronts for your business
Our storefronts features:
  • Fully customizable, everything...even the design.
  • Your business name, logo, and contacts
  • Your own domain name
  • Secured with 2048-bit SSL certificate encryption
  • Unlimited email & email marketing
  • Blog, Forms and Helpdesk integrated
  • Payment processing integrated
  • Automatic billing and renewals
  • Pricing and promotions management
  • Easy, simple, fast user-friendly interfaces
  • Designed to convert and sell
  • Control panels for customers to manage products
  • Detail analytics and reporting for you
Payment processing for your business
You have the freedom to accept payments from your customers anyway you like.

Our storefronts currently supports the following payment processors: AJIBOYE, Paypal, 2Checkout, AuthorizeNet, eProcessingNetwork, Cybersource, Intuit, Linkpoint and Verisign.

If you already have a merchant account for your business, you can use it.

If you don't have one, or need a simpler solution, use AJIBOYE. You instantly get a free, secure merchant account with payment processing with VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX, DISCOVER and CHECKS, at a low fixed rate of 3.75%. For example, you only pay $ 3.75 fee for a $ 100.00 customer purchase. NO application fee, per-transaction fee, merchant account fee, or any other fees.
Products pricing and promotions management UI
Products, Pricing & Promos
Sell from our extensive and growing portfolio of high-margin, web and agency products and solutions for businesses:
  • Domain names
  • Websites & custom designs
  • Business emails
  • SSL certificates
  • Privacy & security products
  • Business data storage
  • Data backup & storage solutions
  • Virtual private servers*
  • Agency services*, i.e. branding, design, marketing
Our storefronts feature intuitive regular and discounts price management.
Quickly set your price for products, up to 100% markup.
Products pricing and promotions management UI
Real-time order fulfilment
You can focus on your sales, marketing and promotions effort to build your business knowing your customers will get what they pay for, on-time, every time.
How automatic fulfillment works
  1. Customer pays for order on your storefront
  2. Your storefront payment info to us for processing*
  3. We deposit payment amount less fees into your account*
  4. We inform your storefront of payment approval*
  5. Your storefront sends order for fulfillment
  6. We check your account balance for funds to cover order
  7. We deduct the cost of the order from your account
  8. We fill the order and notify your storefront
  9. Your storefront takes customer to control panel
From domain names, websites, to everything in between, your customer orders are filled and delivered instantly.

* These steps only apply if you use AJIBOYE for payments processing. If not, you will need to PRE/FUND your account to make sure you have enough to cover the orders your storefront submits for fulfillment. Review FAQs for details.
Billing, and rebills
Our storefronts put you and your customers in complete control, using industry best practices, proven to achieve the crucial balance of customer satisfaction, service availability and sales rebill automation.

Your customers receive timely email alerts to upcoming product and service renewals. From annual renewals of domain names and ssl certificates, to monthly hosting, data storage, and virtual private servers.

From their control panels, customers can cancel, renew or add products at anytime.

Product rebills is the key to growing your earnings over time.
Which is why we invest in delivering reliable, value-add products, and experiences that is critical to keep your customers happy, and you earning more every month.
Elegant, friendly control panels
Our storefronts are designed to empower your customers with reliable access to their billing, products, services, tools and documentation, allowing you to save BIG on avoidable customer service and support costs.
Elegant, simple user-friendly control panels for your customers
Comprehensive analytics for you
Our storefronts provide detail analytics and reporting for everything that matters to your business. Easily gain insight into every aspect of your operations, from website traffic, logins, to sales volume and revenue.
Comprehensive storefront analytics and reporting
Fast, 2-day access to your earnings
You can withdraw funds from your reseller merchant account balance at anytime. We provide a 2-day processing for withdrawals. Funds can be sent to your accounts by DIRECT DEPOSIT, PAYPAL or WESTERN UNION.
Frequently asked questions
Would I lose anything by upgrading from Affiliate to Reseller?
No, the Reseller Program includes the Affiliate Partner, and Design Partner memberships, so you continue to earn for your activities under those program's compensation plans.
What is the maximum markup allowed?
You can markup product pricing by up to 100%.
Can I create multiple storefronts?
Yes. Your first storefront is FREE, each additional storefronts are $ 39.95 per month. All storefronts get a FREE SSL certificate for storefront communications and customer data security.
Are domain names for my storefronts FREE?
No, you purchase the domain names you need or want for your storefronts.
Can I use a subdomain for my storefronts?
Who determines the pricing on my reseller storefront?
You do.
How are earnings under this program different?
Your earnings in the Reseller Program are not commissions, but business profits. For example, you sell a product to your customer for $ 10 while you pay, i.e. buy it from us, for $ 8. Your profit on the transaction is $ 2.00. These earnings are deposited in your merchant account, and can be withdrawn at any time. Commissions earned under other partner programs like our Affiliate, Design and even Agency Partner programs are paid on fixed days such as monthly or weekly. 
Do I pay tax on my earnings from the Reseller Program?
Yes, you are responsible for paying all taxes in your municipality on your earnings.

For United States based resellers, we will provide you with a 1099-MISC income tax statement for earnings $ 5K or more per year. 
Do I need to provide my personal social security or business tax ID number to join?
No. For US based partners only, you will be required to provide your tax ID number only when your earnings equals or exceeds $ 5K, at which point, we are required by law to issue you a 1099-MISC income statement for US tax purposes. 
Can I customize my storefront?
Yes, you can customize everything on your storefronts, from the website design, business name, logo, colors, and content on your pages.
I like to change my storefront design, how do I do that?
Our storefronts are powered by Monkey Business, so you can easily design your own, or simply purchase a custom design theme from the Custom Themes Marketplace
Can I create more pages on my storefronts?
Yes, our storefronts are powered by Monkey Business, so all the apps available on the platform is available to you also.
Are email accounts included with the storefront?
Yes, our storefronts runs on Monkey Business, so all the features and apps are available to you.
Who will provide customer service to my customers?
You do. We are a white label program, which means that your customers do not know we exist. You deal with your customers, we deal with you. 
What does it mean to be a white-label reseller?
When you sell products and services to your customers, the name of the company that produces those services is replaced with your company name. So the only name your customers will ever see is yours.
Do I need to fund my reseller account?
If you use AJIBOYE as your payment processor, then you do not need to fund your reseller account? This is because funds from your customer purchases processed with your AJIBOYE merchant account are automatically deposited into your reseller account. Once payment is confirmed, your storefront submits your customer order for fulfillment, at which point, the cost for this items are removed from your reseller account balance, leaving just your earnings, which you can then withdraw at any time.

If you DO NOT use AJIBOYE as your payment processor, then you do need to prefund your reseller account in other to assure immediate fulfillment of your customer orders.
How do I fund my merchant account?
Log into your payment wallet and use the Deposit or Add Funds option to add funds to your merchant account. To withdraw funds, use the Withdraw option.
I want to use my own merchant account, how much do I need to prefund my reseller account?
How much you need depends on your average sales volume. For example, if you expect to sell $ 200 worth of products per day, then you need to have at least $ 200 per day in your merchant account otherwise some of those products may not be filled. Our system will not fill any product for which there is no funds in your merchant account to pay for it.
How do I resubmit orders that are not filled due to funding issues?
All you have to do is fund your account. Unfilled orders are automatically queued for fulfillment, and our systems will keep trying to fill them every 10 minutes.  You will receive an email alert when orders are not filled due to funding issues, and you will receive another when orders are filled.
What if I need help?
We are here to support you. Simply contact Helpdesk.
Reseller Program
Launch your own business instantly
$ 39.95
per month
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